David Rockefeller dead on Spring Equinox? If so, what are the implications — for us, for him?

I’ll start with the circumnavigations of young Jordan Sather, whose alt-epistemological approach I so much appreciate:

But maybe the “seven heart transplants” part not true?

Did David Rockefeller Have Seven Heart Transplants?

Here’s another conspiratorial, spectulative video re: this (satanic?) scion of one of the two world’s top pyramidal families (the other being Rothschild).

So, how does We Are Change view this possibility, this remarkable coincidence on Spring Equinox 2017::

Top Five Reasons David Rockefeller Won’t Be Missed

And we can count on trenchant analysis (plus videos) by infowars here as well:

Globalist David Rockefeller Dead at 101

I cannot help but feel that the closure (if indeed it is) of this old kingpin’s life is a good omen for the possible future of our world. And I do wonder what this ancient service-to-self senex is discovering “on the other side.”


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