The Sounds of Silence, 30 years later . . .

Via Nancy, whose friendship I have enjoyed since when was it? 1966! Wow, the same year that this iconic song was composed.

Here’s from 1981:

Here’s from 2011:

My question. What happened to their relationship during the 30 years (the one Saturn cycle) that spanned the two above renditions of the song?

Here’s one snarky ABC interview with Art Garfunkel, from 2015.

Yet, given the way they look at each other in the 2011 version, they obviously love each other dearly on a soul level.

Yes. Paul Simon composed this beautiful song in 1966 — and allowed it to flow from the quantum field into the headwaters of one current of the cultural wave that cascaded to shore like a tsunami, altering our 1950’s formality forever. Thank you thank you!

I remain fascinated by watching myself and others age. For at least 30 years, I attended my high school reunion every five years, and never failed to be amazed, as our life stories played out on our faces and in our bodies. Our eyes shine brighter when they greet old friends. How could they not? We have traveled this journey together, this long strange trip that still both bedevils and beguiles.

BTW to Paul Simon: I don’t think that “silence” is always “like a cancer that grows.” I think silence can also function as a healing balm, surrendering to the mystery of the universe.

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