Some current pedogate videos — and more

If you can stomach it, check out the many videos and stories put up today on

and meanwhile, remember that not all you read or watch is “the truth.” And sometimes, the dissonance between (and/or complexification of) what you’re looking at and what is being said is enough to drive you crazy. I haven’t watched all these videos yet, and don’t know if I will, but the first one is an example of what I’m talking about here. I’ve yet to make myself go through the entire thing, but the many vignettes of Biden suggestively moving his hands over distinctly uncomfortable little girls while standing in line in public, the murderous murals depicted on outside city walls, and much much much worse — is enough to sicken even the hardest of hearts.

Which reminds me. Ever noticed this and other ghastly murals at the Denver International Airport?

If not, take a look next time you’re flying through. Whoops . . . I see the the evil murals have been painted over. Hmmm. Is the creepy blue stallion, nicknamed Blucifer, still there? I see that it killed its creator.

While I pay most of my attention to co-creating the new world, I cannot help but also be acutely aware of the nastiness that infects our entire society. The key is to hold the balance, between light and dark, within myself, first. Knowing that all sorts of horrific stuff hides in what should be the nurturing darkness, and that as it comes to light it threatens to overwhelm. Don’t let it. Remember that we are creators, first; and that we are co-creating, together, like a lotus from its muddy pond, “the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible,” — Charles Eisenstein.




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  1. Btw, the soldier in question is definitely not a “Nazi” (i.e., an evil fellow from WW2) –he appears to be a somewhat updated Generic Bad Guy, putting the Dove of Peace to flight.

    Nazi’s didn’t carry AK-47s or scimitars, nor did they have golden epaulettes on their shoulders or exaggerated peaked hats (though perhaps the Italian fascists did, with eagles that look somewhat like that one on the peak).

    The ruins and the figures seem to suggest someplace like St. Vladimir’s Syria (but all war zones look pretty much alike, i suppose).

    Wonder what the written page on the lower right represents –a hapless U.N. resolution, perhaps?

    Clearly, this section of the mural is far from being a paean to the Glories of War –on the contrary, it is a fairly decent statement of its Horrors.


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