Alt-Epistemology 101: More discernment advised, please! From me, too.

I received this video from several sources yesterday. One was Jordan Sather himself, since I have subscribed to this young wise soul’s short, punchy videos. I find his way of processing info/disinfo very cogent. Especially the ideas that 1) every source is just human (and can make mistakes), and 2) people fill different niches, i.e., no one can be expected to know everything. That said, he takes on David Wilcock, and despite the title of this video — which to me is misleading — shows us just why Wilcock’s point of view is valuable.

Back to the misleading title: I don’t know whether Jordan put this title on the video or someone else did. In any case, for someone who is just browsing through and only paying attention to titles (something I, and I imagine most of us, do at times), the conclusion might be that he’s out to skewer Wilcock, and with cause. NOT! But you have to watch the video to know that. So this is another place where we need to refine our capacity for discernment. I.e., “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Meanwhile, here’s another post along the same vein, looking at what’s being put across, and asking questions that go to the heart of the matter rather than just skimming the surface, be-lie-ving whatever comes down the pike, giving your authority over to another, accepting uncritically wild claims, and so on.

An Example of Holistic Discernment and the Fruit of Critical Thought/Commentary on Kent Dunn Updates by David Nova

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