ET Manual 101 (from 1994)

I surprised myself by reading through this entire pdf document. The language in parts of it is spectacular, made me laugh out loud. Clearly an “outsider’s” point of view.

BTW: the manual calls me and my cohorts (born during or after World War II) “crawl-ins.” (I.e., certainly not “walk-ins”! Check out the difference.)


Because human languages are not designed to grasp many concepts outside the current fixated, fear-ridden, and toxic consciousness, and also because we do not use spoken language, this manual presents us with some interesting problems. Dealing in the currency of your linguistic systems is doubly difficult because the inversion of your energy has twisted all logical meaning. For instance, the people of this planet stand in total arrogance, adamantly denying their omnipresence. They declare their separation from themselves, each other, and all life while passing this off as an act of humility. Humility is not denial; separation is denial. And maintaining that separation is the ultimate act of pride.

Your institutions operate in the same backward manner; thus, you have a national security system that is actively engaged in killing everybody, a federal drug administration that has all but recommended motor oil for dietary use because it is low in polyunsaturates, and an economic system that has convinced everyone that life is bad for the economy. As you see, it may be difficult to use your language and still hope to express the truth. Certain terms need new definitions before you begin this reading. They follow.

. . . .

After distinguishing between extraterrestrials and aliens —

Alignment, not lineage, defines the meaning of the term “extraterrestrial.” Although all life emanates from the same source, not all life is aligned with that source. An extraterrestrial is a being who is in sympathetic harmony with the essence of its genesis.

— the manual points to the real aliens among us:

You need not scour the skies for evidence of an alien invasion. Look around you instead. Look at those who are peddling fear, vending death, and poisoning the planet. Look at those who hide the truth so that the power they have derived from lying will not be threatened. And look at those sadly separated beings that have the audacity to gaze out upon the created universe, wondering if there could possibly be anyone else out there, all the while arming just in case there is. This is the alien invasion you worry about, the one you externalize and fear. It is also the one that surrounds you and the one you have been living out for thousands of years.

There is no point in fearing an invasion of alien, since the invasion has already happened and the aliens are already here. You would be better advised to fear that no true intelligence will ever show up or this planet. And you would be even better advised not to fear anything at all.

ET 101 Manual pdf

So, my question, for over two decades later: What has changed? Has anything changed? Are we still mind-controlled into fearing all ETs? Does the “ridicule factor” still rule?


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