Robert David Steele: “Pedophilia is the achilles heel of the elite”

This video is misnamed. Mostly about pedophilia.

Steele claims that though Donald Trump is aware of how it’s threaded through all the levels of U.S. government and society, but especially on the east and west coasts (most say 1/3, one says 90%!), in order to go after high-level pedophiles, satanists, and child traffickers, Trump needs enormous support of the American people — not just the 27% who voted for him.

(A.K.: Most Americans still refuse to face, much less grapple with, the implications of this unspeakable corruption.)


Fascinating, Steele’s claim that the reason why the MIC still supports 1000 military bases overseas, is not for so-called national security (this phrase makes me want to gag), but to “facilitate the smuggling of drugs, cash, gold, guns, and small children for the elite.” 

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6 Responses to Robert David Steele: “Pedophilia is the achilles heel of the elite”

  1. Eden says:

    Thank you for your comments and this succinct video. I’m so glad to see this information coming forth. It fills in many gaps in my understanding. I am a survivor of childhood satanic ritual abuse. I understand it well and it makes complete sense that it is a world-wide phenomenon permeating much of the upper echelons of society and government.

    While I was struggling with these memories that came up twenty years ago and I felt all alone, now I recognize that I was one small point in a giant web stretching across the planet. I realize from this that I am lucky to be alive. It gives me much hope about our world to see the ugliness of the human farming system coming to light and consciousness.

    I only disagree with him about his description of the elite hierarchy. He talks about the Rothschilds as being at the top. No. The ones that control them have no names in the public sphere. And I also don’t see how the Chinese Rothschilds are somehow “white hats” in this game. This may be part of the plan to pull a sleight of hand on the world population, exposing the perverted world regime and then sliding in another that looks like change superficially, while actually being an arm of the same system. While we might get a bigger sandbox to play in from this shift, it will still be a box and we will still be food for parasitical energies controlling us and this planet.

  2. Penny Shane says:

    It’s difficult to believe President Trump would shy away from exposing pedophilia, Pedogate, or Pizziagate for 27%…..Remember: ” It’s The Establishment Stupid.”
    A fact of this magnitude on the front page of the NYTimes should alarm the worst of political parents.
    Penny Sbane,
    SLC, UT

  3. Penny Shaane says:

    It’s hard to believe President Trump wouldn’t expose pedophilia, Pedogate or Pizzagate for fear of only having 27%. If this scandal saw the front page of the NYTimes, an establishment staple, the worst of parents would start a revolution.

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