Still trust your government? How about trusting ourselves, the earth, and each other instead?

From zerohedge:

When Whistleblowers Tell the Truth They’re Traitors. When Government Lies It’s Politics

Young Jordan Sather offers a remarkable facebook summation from “off the top of my head” of what’s still to be uncovered. (BTW: check out Fred Burks’ — for massively sourced info on deep doo doo and for inspiration — BOTH!)


Meanwhile Jordan explores the difficulty people have of taking deep doo-doo seriously.

I must say here that I agree full-heartedly with Jordan, AND I also feel that we need not only focus on throwing light on deep doo doo but simultaneously work on creating the new world. One more polarity that we must stretch to embrace! The seeing and the doing. BOTH.

As my Green Acres Village podmate Rebecca put it yesterday, “This is the In-Between. We live in the In-Between. The world will be in the In-Between our entire lives. That’s why we’re here, to negotiate the shift from the old to the new.” 

(In other words, don’t expect paradise just around the corner. Rather, we are seeding fertile ground for what may morph into a new/old way of living on planet earth, for the benefit of our descendants. Assuming extinction doesn’t get us first. Plus, as Clif High notes (where? can’t find that particular recent interview this morning; sorry!), the Deep State is so massive, differentiated, and entrenched that it’s going to take decades for it to disintegrate.)

Which, in turn, inspired me to compose this blogpost. YES YES. Both to our conscious witnessing of the protracted, agonized death throes of the old AND to our brilliant, fully alive co-creative participation in the birth of the new: for example, check out Green Acres Village, an experimental template for suburbia that addresses our deepest needs — for hyperlocal connection/cooperation/communion with EARTH, FOOD, SHELTER, AND EACH OTHER.


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3 Responses to Still trust your government? How about trusting ourselves, the earth, and each other instead?

  1. Jamie Beatty says:

    Thank you!

  2. Janice Berndt says:

    Thanks for sharing Jordan’s words…I am always tempted to ignore the dark. And Rebecca’s words help me to figure out where I am and what I am doing!!

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