ALERT: Let us prioritize where we place our attention

This is not fear-mongering. This is real. And here’s the crucial understanding: if each of us does begin to prioritize where we place our personal attention, and if we do this in a manner that includes the entire history and current status of planet earth and earthings, no matter who or what is to “blame” and what we should or should not feel “guilty” forthen we slip beneath the matrix morass. This single act of stepping off the cliff into the vast unknown OPENS THE FLOODGATES OF UNIVERSAL LOVE.

And when we do that, all bets are off. So no matter what happens, we win.

Thanks to reader Karen.

Don’t Get Distracted. The Spectre of Extinction Must Trump the Sideshow

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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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  1. Thank you, Ann, for re-posting my article. I absolutely love your preface; I think you fill in a vital, but missing, piece. And The Fool couldn’t be more perfect!

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