Listen. What can you trust? Trust your gut.

In this era of mass chaos, conflicting disinfos, outrageous competing claims, and yelling, screaming polarities, who or what can we trust? We can trust our our bodies, their gut instincts, that’s what. And even when we don’t or we forget, or we choose to override instinct, we then discover that we can trust something beyond 3D that has our best interests at heart.

Here’s a great story that my son Colin Cudmore told me this morning, from yesterday evening.

He had decided to take a night ride on his electric bike, and decided to top off the lithium batteries to the headlamp first. The battery pack was attached to the handlebars. Each battery is about the diameter of a shotgun shell but a little bit longer.  He took a charger out that he thought was the right one, but not sure, and it fit, so he left it plugged in and sat down on the couch, about nine feet away from the bike. About 15 minutes later, all four batteries exploded — the housing shot out like bullets — with the force of what sounded like a 45! He then called his land lady, who lives below, to tell her that he did not shoot himself! And he turned his porch light on and stood outside, so all the neighbors would know that too.

The extreme force of the blast had shot debris everywhere in all directions — walls, ceiling, curtains, floor, pieces embedded into the door jamb. And yet, not a single piece of debris had touched his body. How did that happen?

He then said that he had had a gut instinct not to plug that charger in, that it was not the right one. But his desire and his mind overrode instinct. I told him I could imagine all the guides who surround and protect him couldn’t just take turns, as usual; that on this occasion they knew they all had to be present to make sure he wasn’t harmed.

We ended up talking about other instances when each of us has been saved, by some kind of unearthly force that bends the laws of 3D in our favor, so that we won’t be killed.

When I told this story to my brother-in-law John this morning, he told me of a similar story in his own life.

So yes, there are things we can trust. Even in this unbelievably chaotic mess that we find ourselves in now.

Last night, I came across a video on Antartica by Whitney Streiber and Linda Moulton Howe. Intensly interesting, all the way through.

Here’s a good article that displays the author’s confusion, matching our own.

What the Hell Is Going On?

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