What a wonderful world?

How much longer will our world be “wonderful”? Is it now? If not, why? And does “why” even matter? Whether or not “climate change” is caused only or mainly by human industry or by changes in the solar system as a whole, Mother Earth is suffering. As are her creatures.

How can we humans help bring our dear Mother back into balance? I think about this question every day. What can I personally do?

For  me, the response is multidimensional:

SPIRITUAL — hold the vision of beauty, abundance, cooperation and compassion — no matter what.

MENTAL — know both the deepest dark and the highest light, both within and without, striving always to expand the mind by integrating perceived opposites.

EMOTIONAL — face, embrace, and erase fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) as it arises, moment by moment by moment, thus dissolving into LOVE.

PHYSICAL —  BE inside my own small body as one quivering, very aware and alive, antenna for the Earth body.

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  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Yes, the same thought has been going through my mind lately: will the world remain wonderful for the rest of my life? Thank you for verbalizing your responses and for the Attenborough video-it’s worth watching every day in order “hold the vision of beauty, abundance, cooperation and compassion.”

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