Venus turns to go retrograde TODAY

Note: already updated, about an hour later. See below:

And it does so at 14° Aries. Sabian symbol for this degree:

A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.

Venus travels backwards, moving through the early degrees of fiery impulsive Aries again, backing up into watery mystical Pisces on April 3rd; Venus travels backwards through the last few degrees of that sign until April 15 (tax day: Venus symbolizes value, in this case, money!), when it turns to go forward at 27° Pisces. Sabian symbol for this degree:

A harvest moon.

Venus turns to go direct, moves forward through the final degrees of Pisces once again, and re-enters Aries on April 28. Venus then moves through the early degrees of Aries and finally crosses out of the shadow of the retrograde period on May 19th, when it reaches 14° Aries.

For these 9-10 weeks it behooves us to meditate internally on our sense of value/love, first with recognition of the self/individuation (Aries), then feeling our empathy/communion (Pisces) with the whole, and finally, back to self/individuation once again.

Pisces represents the end of one cycle, Aries the beginning of another. The two signs could not be farther apart, despite their next-door status.

Venus symbols love and attraction to what is of value; unless there is love of the self, no real possibility exists for love in relationship with others.

In a remarkable synchronicity, Jackson Wyoming friend, Jacqueline Ra, who lived in my yurt after I left for Bloomington, and whose husband also died while she lived there, posted this photo today, with our short commentary:

Cupid and Psyche in the Louvre (web photo)

Update: Our dialogue continued . . .

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