Are the generals in his cabinet preventing Trump’s ego from spilling over into war?

Astute local citizen news analyst Christopher Crockett has just sent a very interesting and provocative article to his email list. I excerpt here from his commentary:

following (i.e., making “sense” of) the machinations of the Infancy of The
Trumpster Regime is not an easy task.

and, of course, one made significantly more difficult by the “reporting” in
the Main Flush Media (NYT, WoPo, etc.), which has tended to be, shall we say,
just a **Weee** Bit KneeJerkie in its sometimes near-hysterical Anti-Trump
stories and commentaries.

this piece on puts some of the rather Sensational Shit (and
“Machinations”) which have been Going Down the last few weaks in an
interesting perspective.

looks like it first appeared on  which i’d never seen
before and might bare some closer examination.

the same guy who wrote it, wrote this on that site, back in August (“If the
Fact Neocons Are Now Supporting Hillary Clinton Confuses You, Read This”)

and he writes for –also worth a look (i just glanced at it,
and am not necessarily endorsing).

he seems to be able to hold two (not necessarily opposing) thoughts in his
head at the same time –which is something of a Rare Gift, these daze.

120 U.S. Generals and Admirals Just Sent Trump A Dire Warning About Diplomacy


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