Post-Speech: Who IS Donald Trump?!?

Re: Trump’s 10% INCREASE in military spending: Max Igan speaks my truth. Either “they’ve got dirt on him or he was just a player to begin with.”

My own discouragement is so profound that I couldn’t bear to watch the rehearsed, so-called “presidential” speech. Since it was such a hit with the still mind-controlled American public I intuitively knew it would not be something I’d want to take in. Like Igan, I had been giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, and now, after slightly more than a month in office, it does seem to be clear that Igan’s conclusion is correct.

The perfidy was also noted by Glenn Greenwald, who offered perspective on the shameful war-mongering call-out of the dead Navy Seal’s grieving widow.

Trump’s Use of Navy Seal’s Wife Highlights All the Key Ingredients of U.S. War Propaganda

Peace activist David Swanson wonders, too:

Has Van Jones Lost His Mind or Are Sane People Missing the Point

The military is already so bloated that much of its spending could be pulled way back.

America has too many military bases

So how does Trump plan to fund this new bloat? He’s already gutting the EPA and his cabinet members were chosen to dismantle the departments they are in charge of. Well,

Trump says “revved up” economy will fund $54 billion increase in military spending

Oh yeah, right. So he chooses to “make America great again” by “getting people back to work” to fund the ongoing reckless, arrogant, hegemonic U.S. project of rampant, systematic, murderous destruction of people, animals, plants, rocks, water, air, and planet Earth.




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  1. Americans are truly a gullible nation. From the get go we are trained like Pavlov’s dogs to respond correctly to the right pseudo patriotic phrases and commercial jingles. Our heads and hearts are dis-connected.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump is Trump. He lived in a world where he played the role of boss. All bosses are not leaders and all leaders are not bosses. A leader to me has three main qualities; honor, integrity and compassion. Trump has no history of those qualities. From all one can gather he was poorly parented and his god is money. It is how he keeps score. You don’t make a billion dollars out of the system. Beyond that how stable can one be that names all sorts of buildings after himself?

    When one worships at the altar of the un-holy trinity; greed, arrogance and stupidity, there is little chance for greatness on the Cosmic Scale.

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