What is the Economics of the Future?

To follow up on the emerging systems approach of the last post, let’s rear back slightly to view our human world within the usual parameters of “money.” Even here, actually, especially here, nothing is as it used to be. Want to wrap your mind around a fresh new way of comprehending the dynamic chaos into which we’ve all been plunged? First, check out this technical piece, which articulates how the usual economic assumptions attempt (and now fail) to hold the status quo in place.

Energy, Money and the Destruction of Equilibrium

Then open your mind to focus on what’s already happening underneath our noses, and if futurist Laurence Taub is right, will continue. Jan Krikke summarizes and reviews Taub’s 2002 book, The Spiritual Imperative: Sex, Age and Caste Move the Future. (I see it listed on Amazon for $328! Please, second printing needed!) (3/3/17: Ah, but see the author’s comment on this post; there are versions that are NOT price-prohibitive.)

American Futurist Predicts Spiritualization of the Economy

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  1. Lawrence Taub says:

    The latest edition is published in 2011, and sells on amazon.com or iUniverse for $22, and is available as e-book for $9.99. Check the subtitle more carefully to get to the right page:



    Spanish edition, translated by Martha Trujillo, published by Trafford Publishing, also available on amazon.com. Title: El Imperativo Espiritual: Sexo, Edad, y la Ultima Casta.

  2. Lawrence Taub says:

    Sorry: The latest edition of The Sexual Imperative: Sex, Age, and Caste Move the Future WAS published in 2011. The 2002 edition is out of print, but Amazon sells used copies of it at collector’s prices.

    The book is always available in Japanese and Korean.

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