Pedogate IS “Alien” disclosure?

Longtime reader Rose made the following comment re: yesterday’s post that I considered astute at the time, and said so, this morning.

But then, on this very morning when I replied to Rose, synchronicity strikes again! I watch a video, thanks to Lance White on fb, which puts the disconnect between these two subjects, and the use of one of them to cover the other, in a larger framework that includes them both and more. Not that I didn’t know this. But, like all of us, I too can be seduced into somewhat compartmentalized thinking. Instead, in order to truly grok what’s going on, as well as how massively diverse whistleblowers are connected, we need to unlearn left-brain compartmentalized thinking that has been drummed into us by mainstream education and allow ourselves to open into spacious right brain thinking which puts discoveries together holistically. Duh! And YES! I have just subscribed to this young man’s youtube channel.

BTW: pedogate is not just an elite practice. Rural Indiana also has its own horror stories. For example, a horrific front page story in today’s local Herald-Times details the reasons why the attorney for the defendant who confessed to brutally raping and murdering a toddler decided to ask the judge for a plea agreement as “the best we can do.” Why? Because, had the case gone to trial, the members of the little girl’s family whom he would have called as witnesses had pornographic and violent videos on shared computers that depict “girls being killed — hanged, gagged, tortured — while being sexually assaulted.”


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, this young man has an amazing handle on information that people many times his age cannot even fathom and his ability to find the diamond amidst mountains of (horrendous) ‘rough’ is a true gift. Thanks so much for this share.

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