During this confusing time, two interesting perspectives, plus a few choice bits of so-called “news”

During this week’s confusing Sun/Neptune swirl,  I, for one, hunger for trenchant  perspectives. Check out these two, both very interesting.

First, James Gilliland offers a way to articulate and work with current energies.

Transcending the Psychic Sludge

Next, I saw this post several times yesterday, and then lost track of it. Finally, I found it again. Grateful, as it offers the kind of overview of current geopolitical events that I very much appreciate, and including a plausible explanation of how and why tiny Israel has the U.S. by the balls.

Exclusive interview with DHS Insider

You might couple that with this one:

Child kidnapping and trafficking: A lucrative US business funded by taxpayers

Meanwhile, I see that Trump and Co. has decided NOT  to phase out private prisons, and, there’s talk about federal enforcement of recreational marijuana laws (these two do go hand in hand, of course, unless we fill the prisons with pedophiles instead of druggies). Plus, he’s now vowing to increase military spending by 54 billion. On what? I ask, stomach churning.

I wait to see how much of this is true, and what these possible developments “mean” in the long run. For one thing, could they put the marijuana genie back in the bottle when recreational marijuana now adds billions to state coffers of Colorado and Washington? I doubt it. At least not without encouraging the state secession movement. But maybe that’s the Bannon plan? Increase chaos in order to impose order?

Oh yes, the youtube videos from one of the leading pizzagate researchers, David Seaman, have vanished. We Are Change weighs in on why. So does Lift the Veil. Very different interpretations.

As usual, who’s who? Who can really be trusted?

But here’s the biggest weird kicker news of all today. True? From “godlike productions,” via galactic connection.

Mass evacuation of antarctica as special ops and military moving in

Oh wait a minute. Check out this review of “godlikeproductions”.

I do very much appreciate this interview with Dr. Michael Salla concerning Antartica.

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2 Responses to During this confusing time, two interesting perspectives, plus a few choice bits of so-called “news”

  1. rose day says:

    Re: Evacuation of Antarctica…Ann I am inclined to go with trending healthy skepticism regarding the Antarctica situation wherein many feel that as PedoGate continues to gain traction, those in power who stand to lose much in the wake of exposures have devised a diversionary tactic featuring partial disclosure of info related to a purported Ancient ET/Antarctica connection.

    Removing all but top-secret clearance from Antarctica provides the latitude necessary to easily pull off yet another controlled Psy-op designed to deflect attention from escalating exposures related to worldwide pedophilia and human trafficking.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You have just articulated what had been a subliminal, preverbal hunch of my own. Thanks so much. “Evidence-based ‘alien’ news/free technology is probably the only story that COULD be used to cover ongoing pedogate revelations.

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