New Moon/Solar Eclipse TODAY! 9:58 AM EST

Housemate Briana and I decided, on the electric spur of this morning moment, to do ceremony in honor of this Solar Eclipse which features Sun and Moon at 8°12 Pisces, applying to a conjunction with Neptune at 11°35 Pisces. Within three days the Sun will be exactly conjunct Neptune; within a matter of six or seven hours, Moon will conjunct that same point.

Within orb of this New Moon also sits Mercury, and especially, the South Node of the Moon .

Now, what’s interesting here to me, is that this massive conjunction has basically no relationship to the other major configuration of the chart, namely the powerful crackling revolutionary T-cross in cardinal signs that features expansive Jupiter in diplomatic Libra, Unpredictable Uranus exactly conjunct discontented Eris, plus Venus in fiery Aries, Pluto in structural Capricorn, and exact this very today, impulsive, courageous Mars crossing Uranus/Eris. 

Pisces signifies the end of an old cycle, Aries the beginning of a new cycle. These two signs could not be further apart, even though they sit next to each other. And yet, as we let go of the one, the other flows in. As we release old buried feelings, what no longer needs to be in form, endless new possibilities arise from the quantum field.

We are being asked to both move into deep empathic Piscean communion with all the old karma that we personally and collectively have been immersed in for days, weeks, months, years, centuries! Whatever is unfinished business, whatever still brings up pain, sorrow and longing, needs to be fully acknowledged, thanked for its presence, and released. For what this old karma teaches is patience and compassion and communion. We are all in this leaky boat together, folks, and we are all responsible for the small and large holes in the hull through which the ocean of awareness and love is now forcefully squirting and crashing. None of us will escape this inundation. No blame. Simply, awareness.

That’s the forefront. In the background is the larger zeitgeist drama, yes, this extremely electric time of cardinal initiation (Aries, Libra, Capricorn) that impacts all of us so powerfully, moving us into either action or reaction, depending, again, on our level of awareness. When our “opponents” say or do something that makes us wild with crazy anger, what do we do? Do we react in kind, thus fanning the flames? Or do we stand, still, feeling our way into the being of the Other, the suffering, the wounds, the scars from the ancient Piscean past. For when we do stand in the other’s shoes, we cannot hold the energy of hatred and opposition. It melts. We are One — with the Other, with our common suffering. Love blooms.

And when Love blooms, all is possible. Hold that thought, for it will guide our way forward as first Venus, and then the Sun move into Aries. March 21st:  Spring Equinox! When begin to experience once again, spring’s powerful aliveness pouring through.

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