Joan Bird: FREE FOR ONE MONTH: videos from 2017 UFO Congress

Received this email from my UFO buddy Joan Bird today. She has just returned from this year’s International UFO Congress. 

UFO List – The IUFOC was as amazing this year as ever. There is just no substitute being immersed in the “field” of UFO researchers and experiencers. This year, the owners of Open Minds TV, who host the conference, have made the conference videos available for the next month for free. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of what its like to be there, and access some of the vast amounts of information that is shared. Here is the website (cut and paste if it doesn’t link):

I feel it is more important than ever that you will take some time to inform yourselves, as it appears the truth embargo in mainstream media may be stronger than ever, and mainstream media is not immune to fake news (see Dolan’s enlightening presentation on the subject). I’ll list some of the 2017 presentations I would particularly recommend for wide appeal (there are other good ones, but more narrow focused):

Media Bias in UFO Coverage: Culture, Policy, or Something Else? – Richard Dolan, historian

Real Cowboys and Aliens: UFOs in the Old West – Noe Torres, librarian

UFOs vs. Astronomy – Stan Friedman, nuclear physicist

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters – Dr. Bob Davis, researcher

Changes Coming: Urgency and Abductees Civil Rights – Yvonne Smith, hypnotherapist and researcher

ETs and Religion: How Belief in Extraterrestrial Life has influenced Religion – Alejandro Rojas, Dir. of Operations for Open Minds Production.

NARCAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and the Future of UAP Research – Ted Roe, co-founder and Executive Director of NARCAP, born in Great Falls, MT.

Exclusive NASA Photos of Alien Bases on the Moon – Dr. Ken Johnston, (Retired Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot for the Apollo Moon Program.)

UFOs of Russia/USSR and Eurasia – Paul Stonehill

The Battle of LA: The 75th Anniversary – David Marler

The Utah UFO Enigma – Erika Lukes, UFO researcher and former Utah MUFON state director

The Co-Creation Hypothesis: A Fresh Approach to UFO Research – Greg Bishop, expert on psychology of perception and paranormal events as well as UFOs.

Brentwaters Revisited – Col. Charles Halt

PANEL: Government and UFOs – Featuring Col. John Alexander, Col. Charles Halt, Ted Roe, and Stanton Friedman

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