MY deep interior turning point . . .

Standing Rock Camp.

As the toxicity embedded in what Assange now refers to as “weaponized” language magnifies; as those — left and right — who would destroy others who do not subscribe to their exact same world view or who prefer not to split themselves and others into politically and otherwise correct “identities” but rather feel into essence, or soul; as the swirling chaotic rushes of clashing invisible forces erupt into material form and penetrate conscious awareness; as well known and protected pedophiles continue to get away with murder; as runaway fossil fuel extraction and burning destroys Standing Rock Camp and our beloved planet; this morning I received a message from the Sufi Ziraat group. So perfect, here. Thank you.

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  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Thanks for sharing Mary Oliver’s words. This morning, reading a book of essays by Sigurd Olson, these words stood out: “…I am convinced there can never be an end to wonder and awareness.”

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