NASA’s Habitable 7-Planet Announcement: May it reframe our entire world-view!

All of a sudden, during these two weeks when warlike Mars is exactly squaring Pluto and applying to a conjunction with Uranus; plus, during this single hour when fast-moving Moon is applying to a conjunction with Pluto, both planets triggering in spades the ongoing volatile, quicksilver, paradigm shifting Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto configuration  currently bedeviling humanity’s crying need for seeing its woes in a much larger frame than usual, we have this, this! Somehow I feel as if we have not just gotten a reprieve, but have been at least momentarily released from our excessive myopic 3D preoccupation with who gets what in this tiny local global game of uber-dominance on planet Earth.


Here’s the chart for when the PBS newshour began.

And here’s the news itself.

This solar system of 7 Earth-like planets may be the best place to look for alien life

Notice, BTW, that in the above astro chart planet Saturn sits at 26°20 Sagittarius, applying to an exact conjunction with the Galactic Center, a location where it will sit, like a hen laying an egg, for many many months. Is this the crucial moment when we humans actually do begin to center our species within the larger cosmic order? Is this the moment when we humans actually do begin to redirect our attention from preoccupation with stuff down here below to the infinite sky beyond? Is this the moment when we begin to return to the primordial sense of wonder and mystery that envelopes all our material preoccupations?

The timing of this PBS announcement couldn’t have come at a more propitious moment. Makes me wonder if some astronomer at NASA is also an (secret) astrologer.

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