Widening Insomniac Perspectives on the Present Moment

I spent much of last night insomniac. Internally, this awareness stuck inside a thick intense wall of static — that’s the neutral term for it — which, if I allowed the wall to affect me emotionally, felt like intense anxiety. Which, again, if I let the “anxiety” cathect into the mind, triggered a boiling river of drastic thoughts about all the various crises I and we (on every level, psychic, household, pod, village, neighborhood, town, state, nation, planet) are in. Deep, drastic doo doo, to put it mildly.

This morning, as usual, I’m up and about, eating breakfast, walking with puppy Shadow, appearing to others as “normal.”

The weird bifurcation between the demons of my internal nighttime perambulations and the better angels of my waking nature has never felt so extreme. I do wonder how much of the “anxiety” (the static, underneath) is mine, how much is what I am picking up on in the collective unconscious. Or, I could ask, what is the difference between them? Can I separate my own deeper self out from the deep state that is us? US? WE? The U.S., USA?

Outside/inside, reflecting, refracting, kaleidoscoping, fracturing . . . on and on. And yet I sit here at my desk, typing all this as if I’m normal. Again, that word “normal.” According to “norms.” What norms? They have been destroyed, washed away in the tsunami of forgetting that every thunderstruck moment fractures into .  . . what? what? WHAT?

I have no idea. I am out of ideas. On the other hand, I do want to give the title’s promised perspectives. And since I began this post with my inner state, widening out, let me keep going out, out, to present some of what I was chewing on last night, in the darkness, alone, aware, and all too awake for way too many hours.

First, the widest, a piece from Dane Wigington, that courageous soul who has been asking the public to wake up to geoengineering for I think he said 20 years now. He’s right. Unless we have a habitable planet, the game is over. And when crocuses peek up and mosquitos land on our arms in mid-February, his attitude, that unless we STOP all geoengineering of the skies with chemtrails, we have about ten years before the Earth is completely uninhabitable, feels unassailable. (And of course, no matter what we “do,” or “don’t do,” it may not be enough, as he would readily agree.) His view of the future dovetails with Guy McPherson’s latest predictions. 

Weather Warfare Biggest Threat to Life on Earth

So, with that cheerful geophysical note for background, let’s look at the mid-level perspective of human theatrics, via the stranger and stranger political drama here in the U.S.

On the one hand Max Igan has now completely given up on Trump, says his recent warmongering re: China and Iran prove that he’s one of the deep state players, no more. Confession: I could only listen to about half of this one. Made me sick to my stomach. But love this phrase from host Sherri Wisdom: “We are all experiencing an uprise of the anchors from within.” YES!

Meanwhile, re: the ongoing ramifications of the Flynn fiasco, Steve Pieczcenik says it was to be expected, and no big deal!

The Saker begs to differ. And frankly, I very much appreciate the unusual fullness of his dynamically morphing perspective.

Trump Dreams vs. Trump Reality: Hope Still Permitted

On and on in the dizzying display of insane U.S. politics, where perspectives ripen and are left to rot with astonishing rapidity, leaving only linguistic traces. Have you noticed how “Deep State” has, since Trump’s inauguration, risen to the surface to join other words and phrases of these past several years, e.g. MSM (Mainstream Media), PTB (Powers that Be), and even Matrix (used to refer to the entirety of this human-made money web that has us all more or less entangled). It’s as if with these shortcuts we are creating a meta-language to talk about the matrix web — or is it just another strand in the old one?

Yes, I was psychically entangled in all this folderol for much of the night. But then,  early this morning, was slammed home, back into my body, and my feelings, what really matters. What did the trick? This article. Read it if you dare.

“I know they are going to die.” This foster father takes in only terminally ill children.

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