“Who’s afraid of Sibel Edmunds?” An FBI whistleblower’s extraordinary tale.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so riveted as during this last hour and 20 minutes. Sibel Edmunds, a still young woman so fearless and relentless that it’s as if she wields an electric prod to wake us all up, tells the 16-year tale of how her 2001 “whistleblowing” (a label she had never heard of at the time) about criminal actions at the highest level of the FBI was refused, not just by her superiors, but by congress, the executive branch and the courts. Furthermore, she was the subject of a “state secrets” order — not just once, but twice! — forbidding her to talk about any of what she had discovered.  So, what did she do? She put up a website, “State Secrets Privilege Gallery,” with pictures of those she wanted exposed, but no names. (She hadn’t been forbidden to publish images.) And, of course, within a few days, other citizen journalists found out who they were and named them.

This is an example of not just her relentless determination, but her intensely creative fire that finds ways around, or ways through, all the obstacles that our criminal federal government and MSM (and supposedly alternative left-wing) media continue to put in front of her.

[NOTE: I have corrected my interpretation of her chart (I hastily put her Sun in early Aquarius), and included a very important note about the connection between her chart and that of the U.S.A. Both thanks to reader Zoidion.]

Check out her chart: Sun, Mercury and Venus in late Capricorn, the sign ruling traditional structures; Moon in curious, data-driven Gemini; Sagittarius Ascendent that insists on Truth and colored by its ruler, Jupiter, in Scorpio, exposing underworld secrets. Her Uranus at the Midheaven stirs up whatever she touches in a very public way, and her strong nature is powered by both that triple Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction which happens to be conjunct the U.S.A. Pluto, and her intensely analytic and courageous close Mars/Pluto opposition in Pisces/Virgo.

Please take the time to listen to Sibel’s extraordinary tale. And be warned: it is liable to fire you up to the point where you too might actually put your own life on the line. What are you supposed to be doing, what is your unique path, during this thundering climactic era when we are being invited, by the Love that fills and fuels the universe, to CHOOSE LIFE.


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4 Responses to “Who’s afraid of Sibel Edmunds?” An FBI whistleblower’s extraordinary tale.

  1. zoidion says:

    It’s very helpful to have a chart for this courageous public-spirited woman, but look again: Sun, along with Mercury and Venus, is in Capricorn, not Aquarius.

  2. zoidion says:

    Oh, and one more major detail: Edmonds’ natal Sun is exactly conjunct Pluto in USA 4 July 1776 chart: shining light on the hidden power structure.

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