Insomniac discoveries re: pedogate. DHS insider, ex-CIA operative

Last nite in the wee hours, insomniac. A regular occurrence, during which I gravitate towards podcasts and youtube videos. Sometimes they put me back to sleep. Which is good! These two did not. The first is an incredibly clear and succinct description of the dots and the connections that I have also made, by a “DHS insider.” Of course I love being “affirmed” in my shit-detecting, perspective-making capacities. On the other hand, I also realize whatever I think I know now will dissolve inside the next horizon shifting event. Here’s the transcript, should you prefer it.

Listening to this short video put me on to Robert David Steele, a former CIA operative. And wow, does he speak what at least seems to be truth! Again, his use of language is exacting, clear, and unfailingly interesting.

Here’s an example. There are plenty of others.

The point is, EVERYTHING LEADS BACK TO PEDOGATE AS THE BIGGEST GLOBAL CANCEROUS SECRET OF OUR TIME that, once exposed, the Israeli domination of  the USG is over. Period. Kaput. Steele mentions that as much as 1/3 of all U.S. figures in high places are implicated. The rains of both corruption and citizen journalism just keep flowing in; the compartmentalized walls that hold back the deluge of feeling for the ruination of our innocent children are being eaten away.

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2 Responses to Insomniac discoveries re: pedogate. DHS insider, ex-CIA operative

  1. Janice Berndt says:

    One week ago I could not grasp that something as horrific as Pedogate actually existed. My eyes have been opened. I wish everyone could watch/listen to the interview with Robert David Steel. More eye opening stuff. Thank you!

  2. Jamie Beatty says:

    Thanks for sharing about this. What we may have been thinking, clarified. I agree with you, until the next batch of relevations.

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