New (Sufi!) Publicity for Green Acres Village

My dear friend and Sufi mentor, Darvesha MacDonald, badgered me for months to contribute a story about our Green Acres Village to the launch of a beautiful new Sufi magazine, Ruhaniat Ziraat, which celebrates Nature as Our Teacher. If you recall, I accompanied Darvesha when she facilitated a wonderful weekend dance in Fort Wayne, Indiana a few years ago. She spent some time here as well, and has been thrilled with to see how we are evolving as a community.

“Let us eat, dance, and pray together”: A Dances of Universal Peace Weekend

Sufis celebrate “Green Living” in Green Acres Village 

Oh wow, just noticed that Darvesha will be helping to direct this year’s Jamiat Aam in Madison, Wisconsin, March 23-26.

I signed up. YES!

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2 Responses to New (Sufi!) Publicity for Green Acres Village

  1. Janice Berndt says:

    I have ended up in one of those suburban neighborhoods that I detest. Your story of the evolution of Green Acres Village gives me hope.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The presentation I did at the library here was filmed. I’ll see if I can get it up on line or else send you a DVD. What we are doing here does feel more and more like a viable template for the regeneration of suburbia in the U.S.A. The key is, every single place is different. Pay close attention to what is out of balance where you live. For example, here. Since this is a college town, it’s filled with young people and old people. The young people have college debts and service jobs, the old people are often rich, lonely, and rattling around in their houses. The key to rebalancing here, was to get the generations together.

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