Michael Flynn: Hanging in the Wind, or Strategic Sacrifice?

So. Of course I have been foolishly riveted by the Deep State drama signaled now by the firing of Michael Flynn. I especially appreciate this SOTN post, which links his official demise to his stated knowledge of the pedophilia abomination.

Deep State Fired General Michael Flynn

(BTW: What in hell is this Hillary Tweet linking Flynn’s demise to Pizzagate supposed to mean?)

Kucinich Agrees with SOTN, on Deep State involvement:

“Wake Up America”: Denis Kucinich defends Trump, Issues Dire Warning about Deep State

However, is it more complicated? Other analysts see this firing as evidence of a division within the Deep State: one part (the part that just got him fired, and that includes warmongering Hillary and other neo/libcons) arrayed against the part that includes Trump and, I presume, Kissinger (who, from what I read recently, recognizes that the U.S., rather than being “exceptional,” needs to recognize itself as but one nation among many).

For example, Pepe Escobar:

Flynn Resignation: The Swamp Strikes Back

In any case, both divisions of the Deep State assume centralized control is necessary, exactly the assumption that the we, the people of the world are beginning to contest, wherever we live, knowing that we must take back control over our own lives and localities.

Others see game over, that the Flynn resignation essentially finished the Trump presidency.

For example, The Saker:

Neocons and the Deep State have neutered the Trump presidency: It’s over, folks

Alligator attacks grow ever more vicious:

“He will die in jail.” Intelligence community ready to “go nuclear” on Trump

But was this “game over,” or just an opening move? Stay tuned. Whatever happens, it does seem that multidimensional geopolitical analyst Lada Ray is right, Trump will be hampered in every way as he tries to enact his stated agenda.



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3 Responses to Michael Flynn: Hanging in the Wind, or Strategic Sacrifice?

  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Thank you so much for providing a variety of viewpoints about what is going on. Sometimes it all seems so complex and convoluted; yet at times it seems so simple.

  2. CindyW says:

    Another perspective is offered by Philip Giraldi’s column in The American Conservative (also ex-CIA officer): http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/more-about-russia-and-less-about-flynn/

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