Astrology of Oroville Dam Emergency: Metaphor for Emergence of Our Damned Up Feelings

What happens when we dam up our feelings? Answer: either they eventually infect the body with disease, and/or they eventually spill over in pain, or explode in fury, or both. And why do we damn up our feelings? Because we were taught from an early age, over and over again — both boys and girls, and especially boys — not to be “crybabies.” Our cathexis into (left-brain) “mind” began then.

Yet our feelings are real! They both reside in our bodies (themselves made of Earth, remember?), and they are meant to flow, to express, to move naturally, in concert with the utter uniqueness of our unfolding nature! To honor and acknowledge our feelings releases us from left brain tyranny that seeks perfection as a veritable AI machine, with digital inputs, outputs and defined channels through which they are piped, via “logic,” from top to bottom (innate, apriori) or bottom to top (empirical, aposteriori).

At the bottom, in “sensation,” resides our living bodily communion with the natural world. At the top reside all our constructed “assumptions,” known and unknown, the conceptual helmets we use to lock ourselves in to only certain types of perception and analysis. Thus are the dams inside us, walls created in the mind, anchored in as “belief systems.” The inevitable contradictions between them result in compartmentalization, even multiple personalities, so that, literally, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Compartmentalization is ongoing, both within ourselves and inside this culture, where secrecy and the “national security” state has allowed/encouraged/forced human beings to forget/ignore that they are working for corporate forces of total destruction. Indeed, I personally know one Navy Seal and several others  who work for companies that derive all or most of their business from military/industrial contracts. And these beautiful souls are all, in their “spare time,” environmentalists! How do they do it? They compartmentalize. They tell you they compartmentalize. Of course! Otherwise they would “go crazy,” so profoundly antithetical are their stated values with the jobs that support themselves and their families in the matrix money world.

And of course, such compartmentalization is everywhere, keeping us apart and divided, unable or unwilling to connect the dots. For an extreme example of compartmentalization, see my recent post that includes an interview with Kathy O’Brien, MK Ultra mind control survivor.

Meanwhile, there are forces in play during these years that we call “color revolutions,” where paid agents are inserted into crowds to drum up outrage on both sides of any polarity. Divide and conquer. Foment chaos to bring in the centralized New World Order.

Since our authentic feelings have been damned up for centuries, and since we live during a time when all sorts of dams are being breached, it’s no wonder this George Soros destabilization strategy seems to be increasingly effective.

Furthermore, those thick internal walls we didn’t know we ourselves built take an enormous amount of energy to maintain, just like those damn dams in the external world. The result can be clinical depression, when whatever tiny truckle of energy we do manage to muster from the infinite universe congeals inward to maintain that stuck unconscious defense system.

How many people in the U.S. are currently on Big Pharma meds for depression? I don’t know. But —

From 1999 to 2012 the percentage of Americans on antidepressants increased from 6.8% to 13%, according to a report published this week by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

The point is, these long buried feelings — in both the individual and collective   unconscious — are coming up now! Following the years 2011 through 2015, when the still-echoing Uranus/Pluto focused a tense exact 90° square seven times and began to undermine all the institutions of the so-called civilized world, since 2016 we have been subjected to the intensity of wild card Uranus in fiery impulsive Aries closely conjuncting the deep background object “Eris” (named for the Goddess of Discontent). Furthermore, from late December 2016 until mid-September 2017, this conjunction (Eris at 23°, Uranus at 21°) sits opposite expansive Jupiter at 23° Libra.

And now the kicker: During the next two weeks (last two weeks of February) transit Mars ignites this three planet array — Uranus/Eris opposite Jupiter — as it conjuncts Uranus. 

Please, let us consciously recognize that during these two weeks our task is to continuously rebalance (Jupiter in Libra) the volatile, war-like actions, disruptions, disputes, controversies, enraged polarities igniting now. How?

Stand centered and strong, feet gripping the ground and head open to the sky. You are an antenna for Earth! Your body is Earth’s connection to the cosmos! Allow the universe to direct energy through your vertical body as it funnels in from Above and Below: focus on pulling that energy down from Above and up from Below to mingle in the heart, and then . . .  RADIATE in all directions the universal Love that fills and fuels the universe. 

Yes. Notice it, this Love. Consciously notice this sweet, thick, nourishing amniotic fluid bathing the womb that embraces all of humanity.

This conjunction between Eris and Uranus, near exact now and in powerful play until the end of April, will echo through at least 2018. It is up to each of us to recognize and learn how to work with this deep background energy with awareness, SO TO SHIFT IT INTO INTENSE CREATIVITY. It’s either that or go to war — against ourselves, and/or each other, and/or the entire planet.

Given the astrology of this time, and given the emotional volatility everyone is feeling and that even the most aware among us are having increasing difficulty holding back from full expression, I find it extremely significant that the very tallest dam in the United States, 770 feet high! whose announced need for infrastructure maintenance has been ignored for at least the past 12 years! — is currently in danger of complete collapse.

Worst case scenario: 100-foot tsunami would wipe out entire cities if there is a catastrophic failure of the Oroville Dam

Hey everybody! Let’s wake up! Come to our senses! Use this strong emergence, not to throw rocks — or missiles, or drones, or nasty words — at each other or ourselves, but to dissolve the walls that separate compartmentalized pools of deep, damned up energy, whether internal or external. Let us muster the courage to embrace the vulnerability that attends our experience when feelings flow, without judgment, and without becoming reactive. Simply: Allow and honor them enough so that they may dissipate naturally. Our feelings are real. They alert us to our unlived lives, due to longstanding and worsening systematic inequality and institutionalized abuse among equals. As we do release those long buried feelings consciously, we begin move into union, harmony. Humanity is reborn.

It will take a while to get there. Of course! But we are up to it. This is our time.

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  1. Kieron says:

    Interesting… oro is Spanish for gold, and the occupant of the White House is known for his love of the color gold. His hair is said to be orange-ish, and the word orange itself is derived from oro/gold. The dam is leaking, and lately all he talks about is leaks, and that is following the alleged scandal involving the, um, leaky Russian prostitutes). And Pluto transiting Capricorn highlights our national infrastructure crisis while we played and partied and ignored the bills piling up. It’s amazing what you can see when you know the archetypes but sadly, most people don’t.

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