Is the Global Pedophilia Abomination about to go down?

Search the internet for “pedophile ring arrests” and you’re bound to come across all sorts of them, some new, some several years old, the uncovering of massive networks of people who have been trafficking, abusing (and murdering) children. Pedophilia and news about it is spreading everywhere now, as citizen journalists open source their findings with each other. News about pedophilia (with associated satanic rituals and secret societies) is no longer confined to  priests and sports coaches, the Franklin Cover-Up, and Eyes Wide Shut. Indeed, some reports say that fully one third of our federal government officials are involved! (And thus can be blackmailed.) Meanwhile, we who have been following the news on Jeff Sessions, and how Trump has given him the green light to go after human trafficking as Attorney General, are, frankly, applauding.

Pedophiles Panic as Jeff Sessions sworn in as Attorney General 

I am once again reminded of Cathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America, which tried to wake me up when I read it, back in the late ’90s, but what she detailed about her 20 years as a CIA MK Ultra trauma-based mind control victim whose robotic sexual and other assignments with various extremely public figures — including both Clintons — was so horrific that I couldn’t take it in. Instead, I shut down. Just plain shut down. Couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t process it. And yet couldn’t forget it either. From then on, any news about Hillary was tainted by my reading of that book.

So when Hillary Clinton ran for president — again! — and this time was expected to win and did not, I was astounded. And intensely grateful to be faced with wild card Trump instead of the very predictable, corrupt, sexual predator, murderer Hillary Clinton, who proved her NWO chops with that one remark, “We came, we saw, he died.”

Here’s a piece posted yesterday by Cathy O’Brien.

Pizzagate, Child Trafficking, and MK Ultra

And here’s a recent dark journalist interview with this remarkable woman, heart-centered and soul-based survivor of the very worst forms of systematic, deep state-sanctioned predatory abuse.

Yes, this extraordinary abomination is extremely difficult for us to take in, since, as David Icke points out, these people are not like us, they lack the capacity for empathy — but we all do need to wake up to the depth and extent of the ghastly corruption and ubiquitous spiritual cancer that has infected our civilization. The sooner we do this, and the sooner we bring the perpetrators to justice, the sooner we can breathe a sigh of relief, clear the decks, and return to our intensely creative and long-term task of regenerating the very basis of life on planet Earth.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, I so appreciate your willingness to admit your inability (in a former time) to ‘handle’ information related to child sexual abuse and perversion.

    In the not too distant past, while vetting information relating to the subject, I too hit a personal ‘brick wall’ after coming upon multiple accounts of the ‘well-connected’ who not only enjoy sanctioned protection in participation but also willingly offer up their own children…the brain disconnect when confronted with such information can be phenomenal yet it is that very disconnect that allows such to flourish.

    Cathy O’Brien has remained steadfast in her exposures despite years of profound marginalization and her February 2017 article is perhaps among her best thus far.
    Her exhortation that we ‘open our eyes, open our minds and dare to care’ is timely
    in the extreme given ongoing revelations on the subject.

    There can be strength and comfort in numbers as humanity processes this truly harrowing issue to meaningful conclusion and I thank you for sharing the O’Brien article.

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