On the contradiction of contradictions: David Icke’s Hidden Hand or Trump’s Chess Game? Plus a confession.

Though I like to think that the insertion of seemingly unpredictable Trump into the supposedly highest office of the land is indeed a trump card that decimates the long-planned, unipolar, hegemonic, NWO game, David Icke’s view of the “perception deception” that still grips all those who choose one face over the other makes way too much sense for me to just bat away as too cynical.

Icke assumes that Trump may not even be aware that the “hidden hand” continues to shape world events, “through Chaos to Order.” Actually, I wonder if Trump very well does intuitively know — and so generates his own kind of chaos to counteract the other — including frequent self-contradiction, instant shifts of already announced policies, and constant furious twitter blasts —  all to throw and keep “enemies” off-balance while diverting them into angry futile diatribes and protests that demonstrate nothing but their own narcissistic self-absorption.

Yes, you might want to check out the very interesting claim that not just master Putin, but neophyte Trump is also playing chess. This view too, makes sense. And it contradicts Icke’s view that even seemingly larger than life Trump is actually another tiny puppet of the Hidden Hand.

Trump’s Game of Chess

I confess: I begin to feel exhausted from continuously warding off ideological blows while opening to whatever and, even so, trying to figure it all out while knowing that’s impossible! — not only impossible, but a silly goal. For what purpose? To think that I am “smart” enough to understand the game, if it is a game? (Whose game? Why? For what purpose? Questions continuously arise.) Moreover, the entire kaleidoscopic wheel is constantly morphing, fractal patterns fracturing, with buried land mines and rabbit holes yawning open everywhere pulling me down into gunky, confusing, shadowy netherworlds that explode the psyche and stick to me like black goo.

I sense a need to pull back; a growing resolve to focus more of my one wild and precious life to the regeneration of life  on planet Earth with whatever time I (and we) have left.

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3 Responses to On the contradiction of contradictions: David Icke’s Hidden Hand or Trump’s Chess Game? Plus a confession.

  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Thank you for your confession. Once again, you have brilliantly articulated my thoughts and feelings. Our wild and precious earth needs our attention.

  2. Mike V. says:

    Those last two paragraphs are sheer genius. Thank you, my sister.

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