Want to learn how to initiate contact with benevolent ET/UFO?

If so, then join us near Bloomington, Indiana, September 17-22, 2017.

A few months ago I received an email from Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, of exoconsciousness.com. I met Rebecca a few years ago at the International UFO Congress; this year’s gathering runs February 15-19, and I, unfortunately, won’t be there. My “UFO buddy” Joan Bird is going however, and I presume she’s found another roommate.

Back to Rebecca: She wanted to introduce me via email to Kosta Makreas, who is  focused on exploring human connection with UFO/ET, and who is going to be in this area in September, 2017! So Kosta and I connected, and connected again two days ago, this time by phone. He has decided to bring his ET contact event to Bloomington, Indiana! Not that ET hasn’t been here and everywhere all along, but the awareness of ET is something that still draws ridicule. As I told him, “Remember, this land is forested. The sky is not all that visible. As a result, folks who live here tend to be grounded in what they would call “reality,” not including ET! So I applaud this pioneering effort of yours.” He responded, “I know. I grew up in Fort Wayne and attended Indiana University in Bloomington.” Wow! Great. So he’s bringing his ET interest home to Hoosiers.

Two days ago Kosta sent out an email inviting people to the event he’s going to hold September 17-22, 2017 a few miles from here, in a wide open field on a B&B property in Brown County. I have decided to attend. The focus will be on meditation protocols for personally, and as a group, inviting benevolent ET contact.

I asked Kosta to write up his life story for the exopermaculture blog, how he got involved with this multifaceted and multidimensional arena that just happens to be the most important officially still-covered-up story in the world, bar none. Oh, and BTW, it appears that Air Force One with Trump aboard may have been escorted by two UFOs on the way from New York to Washington for the inauguration.

Now you might say that this video is bunk, that anything which purports to show ET/UFO is either something else or it’s photoshopped. Well of course, that’s always the case. Fake News is everywhere,  discernment is always required, and especially with the UFO/ET phenomenon, the “ridicule factor” is ubiquitous.

Check out this short, compact response as to why pilots who see UFO/ET face ridicule. From quora.com

I asked Kosta if, in his write-up, he would tell something about himself and his own process of conversion to an expanded world view that includes ET/UFO. Asked him to gear the story for especially those who have unconsciously bought into the USG’s long history of using ridicule to innoculate the populace against ET/UFO. So he did. This is the result. Join us in September! 

Kosta Makreas: Personal Story and Invitation to Experience ET!

Dear exopermaculture readers,

My name is Kosta Makreas.  I am the founder and facilitator of an internet community of 11,000 people in 100+ countries called ETLetsTalk.com  You are invited to  join as a member for free on the web site.

I have a story and an amazing and unique invitation for you.  Please read on.


For the past 10 years facilitating the ETLetsTalk Community I have been successfully teaching everyday people how to proactively, safely, and easily contact and interact with advanced and peaceful Star Civilizations who are visiting our planet.  You read that right.  Yes, UFOs.  Yes, ETs.  Stay with me on this… 🙂

My journey to doing this is a dramatic one.  My invitation to you is to come join a small, informal group of us who will make ET Contact for 6 days and nights in Bloomington, IN from Sept. 17 through Sept. 22, 2017.  You read that right, too.  Still with me?… 🙂

I am a Hoosier, born in Ft. Wayne in 1953, educated at I.U. and graduated from Bloomington in 1977 with a B.A. in Computer Science and minor in Math.

After graduation my professional life proceeded to Columbus, OH and finally to the Silicon Valley in 1980.  I had a very successful independent software engineer career in the Silicon Valley until my retirement 2 years ago.

The most amazing part of my life is that in the past 10 years I have pursued my childhood interest in UFOs by literally learning and experimenting with meditation-based techniques to contact ETs.

How did that happen??

As a child I had a fascination in the ’60s with NASA, astronomy, and science fiction.  Then at age 10 I picked up my first UFO book and was smitten.  I read all I could about the topic.  After High School graduation in Ft. Wayne I got my college degree, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, got married, had two wonderful kids, got divorced and remarried.  I still reside in the SF Bay Area.


So here’s my life-changer: In 2006 I fired up my browser one day, wondering what the heck was going on in the UFO field since I had last visited the topic as a child.   Wow.  I found that the info on UFOS/ETs was overwhelming.  That day I discovered a group of people who seriously talked about using meditation, imagination and love to connect with Star Civilizations.  With my wife’s encouragement, I journeyed to Mt. Shasta, CA to spend a week with these folks under the stars.

That week literally changed the path of my life.

Night after night our eager group spent hours at the foot of Mt. Shasta in a clearing surrounded by forest.  We used simple techniques called “CE-5 Protocols” – Close Encounters of the 5th Kind:  human-initiated, bi-lateral, interactive communication with ET.  I learned to identify the normal & natural, man-made objects in the night sky.  What was left over after the rational explanations were objects that performed many impossible movements in the sky, flashing brightly in pulses in irregular patterns, stopping, changing direction and more.

The 4th night during that week was special.  Around midnight, after the evening’s ET Contact activities were concluded, 10 of us still stood around quietly talking about the evening’s activity in the sky.  Someone tugged at my sleeve and motioned to an area to the right of me.  At the edge of our clearing, with the forest as a backdrop, I was astonished to distinguish a spherical object about 6 feet in diameter and only about 8 feet away from me.  I rubbed my eyes.  I thought it might be a shadow or a trick of the minor moonlight.  But it was not.  As I watched this opaque sphere “materialized” in front of us out of thin air.  It had a grayish color and became more defined.  it floated a few inches above the ground.  It was stationary and all was quiet.  No wind, no other sounds, no smells – nothing.

All 10 of us saw it.  I was perhaps the closest to it.  We whispered amongst ourselves.  Suddenly someone across from me said out loud that he had received telepathic contact with the Beings inside that sphere.  He related that “they” told him they were scientists who were researching human bio-energy fields.

The woman next to me, Naomi, was very quiet.  She stood very stiffly erect with her arms extended at right angles to her body and parallel to one another.  For a half-hour she did not move, nor did her arms drop from sheer fatigue.  I didn’t know what was happening, but I stayed close to her in case she showed signs of distress.  After a half hour of watching this motionless sphere I noticed that Naomi shuddered, dropped her arms, starting mumbling, so I reached out to steady her.  She was somewhat disoriented, but with a little conversation she regained her normal speech and was lucid.  Unharmed.

So what happened?  She said that one of the scientists from the sphere/craft in front of us telepathically asked her if she was willing to have the scientist “merge” with her and to allow her bio-energetic field (some call it the “aura”), to be examined.  She silently agreed but with 3 conditions.  She told the ET Being that she insisted on staying aware throughout the experience, that the Being leave when it was asked to do so, and that no “sexual” manipulation was allowed.  The scientist agreed.

After Naomi told me this someone exclaimed out loud and directed us to look at the sphere.  It started slowly dissolving in front of us, as mysteriously and silently as it had appeared.

This experience was life-changing for me.  I was stone sober, alert and knew there was no other explanation for what I had just witnessed.  The laws of physics I had learned in high school and college surely would declare what I and the 9 others saw was impossible.  Oh well.  Who cares.  This was MY experience – firsthand – the real deal.   Two of the other people in that group had sunburns on their face from the encounter – not harmful to them but their faces were definitely colored red in the still and dark of the night during that half-hour.


During the course of my life I had trusted friends relate UFO encounters to me.  I believed them.  This was secondhand evidence of the existence of UFOs for me.  As a result of seeing the Sphere at Mt. Shasta I now had first-hand evidence!

No one could tell me I had no personal evidence or that I imagined it or whatever.  I had always relied on other peoples’ experiences which were compelling.

In fact, in one of those “secondhand” stories, when I was in my early twenties, I was sharing a ride with my brother and his girlfriend to Ft. Wayne from my job in Columbus, OH.  The girlfriend said that the year before she was driving home to Columbia City, IN from Ft. Wayne on a lonely road at night.  Her car was paced by a zig-zagging light in the sky which came close, then hovered over her car as she drove, then zipped away, only to return.  Then her engine died.  She heard no sound opened the door and looked up to see a circular craft 30 feet above the car with rotating red & green lights.  It shone a light downward on her.  Understandably she was frightened.  But after a few minutes it zipped away without a sound as her car engine started normally.  The craft then flew back and forth across her line of sight as she drove home on the road.  As she approached her home, the UFO disappeared.  No one was home.  Suddenly from another direction a car approached her house.  It was her sister who had driven home from another direction and location.  The sister got out of the car and excitedly asked my brother’s girlfriend if she had seen the weird moving, zig-zagging light in the sky on the way home.  Both of these young women were salt-of-the-earth farm girls who were conservative and did not do drugs nor drink.

So now with a first-hand story from Mt. Shasta, I decided that I wanted to use the CE-5 Protocol techniques more and more.  I founded the ETLetsTalk Community and using my computer and social skills discovered others on the internet, organized them, and started conducting monthly ET Contact virtual events.  My teams still report their ET encounters every month.  Our community members support each other and interact on Facebook, via email, Skype and more.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂


If you are an open-minded, sincere person of goodwill with a loving heart you are invited to join our small informal group in Bloomington for 6 nights this Sept.  We will make ET Contact.  It is serious fun.  I have conducted these type of retreats for 2 years on the West Coast in Mt. Shasta.  This is my first time in Bloomington.  My friend who lives there has had a CE-5 ET Contact team for years and has recorded many ET craft in the sky during his sky watches.

During the week of the Bloomington retreat my wife, Hollis, a professional clairvoyant of 30 years, will teach the group how to discover and use their psychic skills in order to enhance their ET Contact.  We will have a group dinner the first night (Sunday).  There will be ample opportunity to interact with other members and make new friends all week.  We value a friendly, happy group experience and love to laugh.  At night we will gather in a circle at our outside location and learn the CE-5 Protocols…then watch the sky.  At times we have had ground contact.



Please share this retreat news and tell your friends and family who are open-minded, curious, and have positive intentions.  People with fear, skepticism, or hostility towards UFOs and ET are not suitable for such retreats.

If you have questions, contact me at  kosta@etletstalk.com

Thank you for listening.  This is a unique experience which will be fun!

Kosta Makreas

Founder, ETLetsTalk Community & ETLetsTalk.com
San Bruno, CA


A.K. here again: If you do decide to participate in this ET event, you’ll also get a bonus tour of our Green Acres Village.

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