I hope Trump watches this film about Putin’s New Russia: PRESIDENT

I spent this morning watching the 2.5 hour Russian-made documentary on the Presidency of Vladimir Putin. Extremely interesting. It looks like Trump is faced with the same task as Putin was in 2000, when Yeltsin handed him the reins of a country that had been falling into a void ever since the oligarchs took over with the fall of the Soviet Union. Really worth watching, not just for the parallels, but for insight into the multifaceted character and talents of this remarkable man who feels genuinely dedicated to advancing the well being of the citizens of his country as well as of restoring the identity of the Russian motherland for her citizens and in the larger world.

And see my post: The Astrology of Vladimir Putin.  I do hope Trump takes Putin on as his mentor. He sure needs it. I feel Trump vacillating between the higher purpose of his soul at this time of his life (new Jupiter dasha) and his Leo Mars on Ascendant egocentric habits.  And then there’s all those war hawks, both in his cabinet and in Congress, who are trying to pull him in that direction. Please Donald, center yourself! Remember what your Sun/Uranus intuition is telling you! It’s very alive, if only you listen to that small still voice inside the White House cacophony.

I listened to some podcast late last night (can’t remember which one, sorry!) where the speaker mentioned that Trump’s job is to go find the Titanic, pull it up from its deep sea floor, haul it back to port and undertake a total renovation. Great analogy.



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  1. Benjamin Franklin said, “The greatest of all jewels is the open mind.” The Dali Lama might well say that the greatest of all jewels is the open heart. I try to keep both towards Trump, though there is nothing about him that tells me he will rise to the occasion

    Trump and I are the same age, our birthdays just a few days apart, and from I have read of his chart, we have many similar aspects.

    The first astrologer to do my chart, Johnny Lister, did so after I had gone through an intense six month recuperation process after having my knee cap removed and wanting to get back to fighting wild lands fires. I was crippled, broke and spent a great deal of those six months along.

    Prior to that experience I was like most young people not particularly disciplined either mentally or physically. I had enough money to keep myself well entertained and had spent almost no time by myself getting to know something about myself. By the time I went to Lister, I was a very different person than I had been six months before.

    I had called a couple of weeks prior to my reading with the necessary information. The reading was supposed to last one hour. It lasted two and Lister was brutally honest with me, about my potential and my short comings. Fortunately maybe for both of us, all that time alone had made me quite aware of a lot of my shortcomings.

    Lister explained to me that my chart indicated a lot of potential, but it was not a road map for my life, but an indicator of my potential and the work I needed to do to live up to that potential.

    I see nothing about Donald Trump that says he has done work. I think one of the best descriptions of him is a man/child. Somewhere around a spoiled five year old that throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He says things without thinking, which shows no mental self-discipline.

    Putin is totally the opposite, a very discipline and thoughtful man, a martial arts practitioner, a chess player. Trump certainly could learn something from Putin.

    Another thing that I have a hard time wrapping my head around is that Trump is not a part of the oligarchy. You don’t make a billion dollars without being. Look at his cabinet choices, his actions from the Muslim ban, which doesn’t include Saudia Arabia the home of 15 of the 19 hijackers or any of the other Muslim countries that do business with Trump, his approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    It is as if we put a drunk in the drivers seat of a school bus loaded with our children and our grand children for 7 Generations to come and hope there won’t be a disaster.

    I will keep my mind and hear open, but I will also fight as never before against his and his cronies greed driven purposes.

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