What if “doomer” Guy McPherson is right?

While closed-hearted Americans continue to distract themselves by battering each others’ points of view in reaction to whatever outrageous rant Donald J. Trump just twittered to the world, our global commons continues to dissolve under waves of still hidden despair. See:

Florida and the Rising Sea


Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at highest level since 2011 meltdown

Is there any “hope”?

What if Guy McPherson is right? What if there is nothing we can do about the dire future he predicts?

What if we really are “going extinct”? If so, how should we be treating each other now? What kinds of protocols do we need to set in motion — within ourselves, within our families neighborhoods, communities? If we humans are forced to let go of this fragile Earth, then what kinds of attitudes should we be holding during what might be our last ten years? 


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  1. Nick Von Rooyen says:

    If Guy is right, the only sensible and decent thing we can do is to shut down all nuclear reactors immediately. That way, after we are all dead from the big heat-up, at least the reactors won’t still be running leading to total sterilization of the planet by radiation. Please do whatever you can to encourage those who know how to shut down reactors now. Don’t wait for the OK from headquarters. Just do it. Now.

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