Reversing the Tide: From Civil Disruption to Community Resilience

One new member of our Green Acres Village, besides being a wonderful musician, is also a collage artist. And what young Logan sees, is not pretty. Here’s the collage he titled “HISTORY.”

Given the carnage that the American Empire has delivered to the world over the past century, given that most of us here in privileged America ignore what “our” Empire has been up to as we keep grabbing, consuming and throwing away, can there be any doubt that this murderous horror has also affected our own collective psyche?

I received an email from fellow blogger Laura Bruno last night which, along with her post yesterday,

Two Links and an Observation

confirms my sense that the she and I are on the same track, in recognizing the great danger that currently confronts our society.

Hi Ann,
I’m not sure if you’ve seen this woman’s youtube channel, but perhaps it might possibly get through to some of the self-professed progressives who bizarrely are willing to go to civil war because Hillary didn’t win. Ummmm?!
I haven’t watched all of her videos, but the one on Hillary’s vote fraud, and the one on the so-called Muslim Ban are both particularly good. 🙂
I don’t like when I start having nightmares, but I guess it’s good for the heads up to shift the energies big time, hence today’s post … and it seems you’re beating the same drum, as is Tania. If enough of us beat to our hearts, will the world synch up?

Civil discourse has deteriorated to such an extent, the hidden polarizing shadow of hydra-headed hatred and resentment has erupted with such malevolence, that the threads that hold society together are in great danger of complete disintegration. In view of the current acceleration of our post-industrial long emergency, I turn to a concept paper from the Post Carbon Institute, where Richard Heinberg, author of The Party’s Over, has been considering the difficulties of post-peak-oil civilization for decades. BTW: remember that all our wars are essentially, fought over who gets to control the oil. 

 Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience

P.S. Remember the post about the wildly hilarious photoshopped creativity exhibited when George W. Bush had trouble getting his rain poncho on at the inauguration? Well, here’s young Logan’s decidedly darker take on that same event. My point is this: we need to be building resilient systems, both inside our own psyches and in community, and in order to do so, we need to also be consciously and compassionately aware of all the gunk and rot and ugliness and depravity that has been raking across the scarred surface of our poor sorry planet for only goddess knows how long.


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  1. alex simack says:

    Hi Ann,

    “Community building” got me wondering again about M. Scott Peck’s process which he first wrote about in “A Different Drum,” back in the early ’80’s. Basically, he wrote that genuine discourse is not possible in a group until the group goes through a 4-stage process of 1) pseudocommunity, 2) chaos, as pseudocommunity breaks down and individuals discover that they need to confront each other and themselves,

    3) emptiness and mourning, as the group discovers that the various efforts to overcome chaos have all resulted in failure, and finally 4) “true community,” a “group of all leaders” in which real communication finally begins.

    Seems the world is still in chaos, and the efforts to organize our way out of it are failing, the inadequate bandages are disintegrating, and there will be nothing left to do but, at some point, all have a good cry together. A great man once told me, “I am after all the tears.”

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