What’s really real? Two elders speak: Fritjof Capra and Allen Roland

During this fractious moment in history when “identity politics” congeal separative individuals into nasty, competing cliques, I very much appreciate these two elders and the way they each articulate what those of us who both live long and pay attention to our own personal experience “figure out,” or rather, I should say, to which we finally surrender. 

Indeed, when we do surrender, it’s to a living miracle! We are astonished to feel ourselves within a “unified field,” an invisible earth/cosmic womb within which we as souls breathe all together and suspended, washed in loving currents that nourish and replenish. Whatever “outer trappings” of form entrance/entice us into “thinking” that only they exist, wise ones among us know better; we act always in gratitude, blessing and enhancing that unifying field of love.

Physicist and systems theorist Capra elucidates “systems thinking” from an abstract, theoretical point of view. Spiritual consultant Roland speaks from the heart, telling his own story, looping back and forth in time and space to vividly illustrate the way the invisible field weaves ever-expanding currents of meaning throughout our lives.

Capra: We’re all in this together


Roland: Reaching 83 and seeing through clearer eyes

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