Our Cultural Psychosis, Will it Infect Russia too?

When I read these first two posts, especially in light of the third one, I experience the psychic battering that Chris Hedges calls “nationwide collective psychosis.” And he adds, “No one speaks about the destructive power of corporatism.”

Kremlin confirms Trump-Putin Call Was “Friendly, Constructive, Mutually Beneficial”


Rex Tillerson and His Friends: The End Game of America

as set against:

Spiritual Roots of Russo-American Conflict

While Putin criticizes the West for abandoning its Christian roots, and given the deeply religious soul of Russia, attuned to the vastness of her central plain, I can’t imagine how Putin can reconcile the coming Tillerson/Trump rape (through “deals”) of her near-pristine, hallowed land with his own native religious sensibility.

Will Putin and Russia too, experience the collective psychosis now infecting the U.S? If so,  the way forward is clear for both countries. And in this way forward, we in America can learn from the Russian soul, its deeper history with and value given to both community with people and communion with Nature.


To recover our mental balance we must respond to Trump the way victims of trauma respond to abuse. We must build communities where we can find understanding and solidarity. We must allow ourselves to mourn. We must name the psychosis that afflicts us. We must carry out acts of civil disobedience and steadfast defiance to re-empower others and ourselves. We must fend off the madness and engage in dialogues based on truth, literacy, empathy and reality. We must invest more time in activities such as finding solace in nature, or focusing on music, theater, literature, art and even worship—activities that hold the capacity for renewal and transcendence. This is the only way we will remain psychologically whole. Building an outer shell or attempting to hide will exacerbate our psychological distress and depression. We may not win, but we will have, if we create small, like-minded cells of defiance, the capacity not to go insane.




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