“Evolution of Green Acres Village”: One hyperlocal initiative rolls out

Since Trump’s stunning ascendancy, I’ve been advising others that what we need to do, whether or not we’re pro- or anti- or ambivalent (like me) Trump, and unless we’re either brain dead, PTSDed or otherwise paralyzed or “triggered” by grief/fear/rage/confusion, is to direct our  full and undivided attention to whatever needs doing locally which excites our own personal passionate response. I decided to take my own advice.

Here’s the body of the email I sent to many and various individuals and groups in Bloomington last night and this morning, including a number of local officials. We look forward to a large turnout, with stimulating discussion after the presentation.


You are cordially invited to a special local presentation detailing how one suburban neighborhood in Bloomington has spawned a neighborhood garden now evolving into an interconnected, land-based village. Since 53% of Americans live in suburbs, and most of the food we eat is imported from afar, our Green Acres experiment may serve as one template for transforming the future of suburbia. We remember how to reconnect to each other by converting our lawns into gardens, sharing tools, skills, produce, meals, chickens, and artistic expression. Reweaving our lives together intergenerationally in myriad ways may be both valuable and necessary if we are to retain and strengthen local security and sovereignty in the face of dangers ahead.

Please feel free to promote this message and attached poster to others.


Where: Bloomington Public Library, Auditorium

When:  Tuesday, February 7

Time:    7 p.m.

library event poster


Yes. Our sustained focus on the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG)  has birthed a community, the Green Acres Village and Urban Farm (www.greenacresvillage.org).

Locals: Hope to see you there!  



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