I love Trump, I hate Trump. Why? He nixed theTPP, but restarted the Pipelines

I fully appreciate and applaud Trump’s decision to nix the TPP, and, I feel nothing but disgust and a sinking feeling, bordering on despair re: the decision to go ahead with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. How to hold both these assessments of Trump’s first 48 hours within my poor beleagured psyche and not scream in agony? Not sure.

One thing is for sure, what I tell my podmates here in the Green Acres Village: please remember, it’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder. Whatever are your personal practices that help you center and maintain balance during the onrushing maelstrom, do them daily. Every single day. And meanwhile, while remaining awake and aware of the larger fractious and disturbing energies, let us focus here, now, inside our own psyches, inside our homes, inside our little village, inside our neighborhood, inside our town and its region. Let us give all that we have inside us in service to all that is within our personal and connected purview. No stops. No hesitation. No excuses. This is not a joke. Our time has come. We can thank Trump, who James Howard Kunstler has now begun to call meshuga (crazy, idiotic), for the wake-up call. It’s either get active, all of us, each in our own specific way, calling upon everything that we have ever learned, and all the dreams that are inside us longing to manifest, or die.

Of course, we’re going to die anyway. But which way? Do we want to go out ignominiously, as cowards, our lives in denial, terminal distraction and/or addiction, or do we want to pull out the better angels of our nature and trumpet their joyous greetings to the whole world.

Here are two pieces, by people who understand the implications of Trump’s determination to restart a growth economy on a finite planet.

Kunstler Warns: “We are repeating the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world.”

Albert Bates gets more specific:

Three Pillars: “By pushing the status quo beyond the brink, the status quo protectors have now put it into freefall.”

Here’s one blogger’s utterly bleak assessment:

The Paradox of Awakening

Here’s Jon Rappoport, who finds a different meaning in what appears to be Trump’s new beginning, one which is not bleak, but audacious and invigorating. However, keep in mind that Rappoport’s perspective  does not include the larger context of the finite planet’s resources.

A Key Clue to Trump’s presidency: American Empire

Rappoport, like most, doesn’t question the whole business of “nationalism,” since, I suppose, it’s opposed to the nefarious central corporate command of “globalism.” Varoufakis, however, does question nationalism.

We need an alternative to Trump’s nationalism. It isn’t the status quo

Hagopian’s view of what’s going on seems to be ambiguous. On the one hand, he says all presidents are basically appointed by the Deep State — including Trump. On the other hand, further down, he appears to be cheering Trump on, rather like Rappoport. Who knows? As he would agree, it’s very very difficult to discern truth in today’s climate of nasty disputes over “alternative facts.”

President Trump’s Inaugural Address Declares War on the Ruling Elite as the Media and Protestors Declare War on Him

Meanwhile, it’s about time all pundits address the overriding impossibility of endless material growth on a finite planet’s finite resources.

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4 Responses to I love Trump, I hate Trump. Why? He nixed theTPP, but restarted the Pipelines

  1. I’ll second your feelings Ann. Bafflement is what I am suffering from. First because for a very long time I have looked at the Govt as the dark, as a whole in many ways. The Govt. has always been “IT/THEM”. This election for this new president fully exposed the shocking depth of the liberals tentacles into every facet of life here in America. The Dems have been running our country and settling in wherever they could ooze in. Deeply entrenched and making forward progress quite quickly. Of course the Republicans are guilty of many awful things as well, but not to the depth and breadth that has been uncovered about the Dem’s actions, even now. The cancer had spread. It is not really so much about what they have or have not done, it’s about the mindset of these people, the very fact this is on display 24/7 everyday, this game of hostility and how can I ruin you…Really? The very fact we have not progressed further into our hearts and compassion and are willing to continue the propaganda and lies. Well….So sad, so very sad indeed. I so hoped we would not fail again to move ahead as we did in the 60’s. We just were not ready then to accept the responsibility of growing up together, sadly we still do not seem 100% ready. Bummer. I can barely tolerate the dividing hate permeating everything right now. It’s enough to blow your mind. It is blatant mind control and it is giving me a headache! VK

    • Leah says:

      Oh my, VisionKeeper. Someone who thinks that division and hatred is the root of the problem is clearly saturated in privilege. The root of this inconvenient squabbling couldn’t possibly be fascism… racism… sexism.. xenophobia… homophobia… inequality … or vestiges of oppression could it? Nah, we just all need to settle down and get along.

      Check your privilege and thoughtfully consider why you are more concerned with the effect the current state of things on your blood pressure/piece of mind than those who are and will be harmed by this regime (including the Earth).

      • Leah, you might want to “thoughtfully consider” the following videos, the first by a self-described “progressive” and “flaming liberal commentator wondering if “has Rachel Maddow lost her f’ing mind.” Obvious language warning, but consider how good nuclear war would be for the environment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naoyViqdeyI

        Or this video, by the articulate human rights and Somali activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, asking “Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women?”


        Or this one with an African American man discussing the extremely racist roots of Planned Parenthood — i.e. black sterilization urged by founder Margaret Sanger. The video begins with a lot of yelling, but by the end (and supported by any actual research) “Big Joe” becomes the voice of reason in the crowd, including his warning of orchestrated Civil War:


        Also, this video exploring the bizarre alliance between the Left and Islam, which fights against pretty everything the Left stands for. You won’t like the tone of the reporter, but I challenge you to argue with the information he presents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3NDeyR_1-U

        I’m no Trump fan, but research what’s happening in Germany and Sweden right now — the astronomical rapes and the growing number of no go zones. These issues are more complicated than black/white, masculine/feminine. One of the key organizers of the US Women’s March is a conservative Muslim who accuses any Muslim women arguing against the need for a veil of being “fringe.” How does that align with “feminism” in the West?

        See also this interview of Black Lives Matter, Women’s March and frequent Color Revolution (including Ukraine — have you seen Kiev before and after photos???) funder George Soros, talking in his own words about how he feels zero remorse for confiscating Jewish property with the Nazi’s during WW2. He “does not consider consequences” when he makes moves to crash national economies or trigger revolutions, and he shows zero empathy for the lives he’s ruined. There’s a word for people like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXqty2rkUDY

        Look over the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation’s website — a foundation that exists to help women, including very young girls, escape honor violence, murder and female genital mutilation. Here’s her bio: http://www.theahafoundation.org/ayaan-hirsi-ali-founder-of-the-aha-foundation/

        It’s difficult to tell someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali to “check her privilege.” If the Left refuses to address issues like Shariah Law; no-go zones; child brides and massive, religiously sanctioned rapes of infidels; generational poverty and gangs in inner cities; as well as the extreme poverty among whites, then the Left really shouldn’t be surprised when someone like Trump comes to power.

        For more on how things could have gone so far afield, check out this interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov: “Sleepers Emerge and Messiah Appears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZHRgTskEhE

        Or this one about the third generation not being able to recognize Truth even when presented in full view in front of their eyes:

  2. Mitch says:

    Right on Ann, well said! Hey Visionkeeper, you might appreciate thus fascinating recent discussion about the ‘light and dark’ in the current state of affairs by Inelia Benz and Dwaine Hartman, definitely helps in keeping perspective and keeping centered in this swirling tsunami of energies.

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