WHO IS WHO? Kellyanne Conway and Maria Zakharova

I’m astonished by how much Conway and Zakharova look and sound alike. Besides being encased in culturally approved (trim, muscular, blonde, early middle-age) bodies, both these remarkable women are fearless, informed, sharp-tongued Capricorn warrior goddesses posing as press for their respective male presidents.

This reminds me of the Cold War, when the U.S. was arrayed against the S.U. (Soviet Union). The mirroring continues; I’m heartened to see the female element rising. Who knows where this may lead.

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3 Responses to WHO IS WHO? Kellyanne Conway and Maria Zakharova

  1. Both lying liars telling lies to gain the approval of their male presidents. Were you encouraged that young women were empowered to point out those who should die as part of their Khmer Rouge activities? What of the all the women, “holding down the home front,” in roles such as guards at various death camps during the Holocaust? Surely, women such as these acting with the approval and full authority of the state were, “ahead of their time,” as they forged brave, new roads for women in their societies.

    Conway is, as you mention, a woman with an acceptable and approved female body. This, and her willingness to lie to the world, to proffer her, “alternative facts,” as worthy of consideration by critical thinking adults, and her support of America’s first actual corporatist, as in fascist, Chief Executive seems to be her only qualification as spokes-propagandist for the current Administration.

    Frankly, I’m more than a little shocked that you are, “heartened,” by her rise to power.

    This woman, this queer woman, this educated (and thus, a potential, “enemy of the people”), this disabled woman, this military veteran woman, this woman of spirit will not accept Conway and her ilk as any sort of positive step for women or for humanity in general. Fascism is not normal. Compulsive, intentional, sociopathic lying as a matter of state policy and social practice is certainly not normal.

    “Heartened?” Really?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You’re right. “Heartened” is the wrong word. I should have said amazed. What amazes me is not the content of what they say, but their warrior attitude. Thanks!

  2. Mary says:

    Wow, what a rant from the self-stated queer. We can’t all agree or get along; I admire both women and find it heartening & refreshing they fill their roles so successfully.

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