Countdown to Inauguration: U.S. to confront and incorporate its “shadow”?

I’ve been struck by just how righteous and indignant those who identified with Hillary in the recent election have become. Like strutting roosters, they assume they are the only ones left who have integrity on this sorry planet. Gathering to protest what has just erupted within the collective unconscious of our nation, they have yet to see that they, too, are infected by this shadow — of narcissism, exceptionalism, bloated consumerism, hypocrisy — that they project onto Donald Trump as the archetype of all that is evil.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has noticed this weird fractious energy that besets those with whom I formerly (partially) identified. Two current posts speak to this phenomenon. Which of course, makes me glad! Now I need to watch that this agreement with others whose views I respect doesn’t infect me with the same kind of righteous indignation.

In other words, Ann, watch your own shadow, how it pumps you up. Always, notice it, pay close attention to the point where you watch it dissolve into the quantum field — where anything can happen, anything!

And if anything can happen, depending on where we direct our attention, then what is it I personally, am tending towards? What do I want to happen in this world? What can I help create, given my time, talent, experience and gifts?

Go there. Do that. And this focus will be, most likely, very very local.

First, John Pilger:

The issue is not Trump. It is us.

Second, Bernard Guenther:

Trump’s Presidency. This will make you think.


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2 Responses to Countdown to Inauguration: U.S. to confront and incorporate its “shadow”?

  1. wendy hume says:

    I love all your posts Ann! Keep up the good work, you’re exactly on my wavelength. I can see all sides and understand all views but find it strange that the metropolitan elite can only see their own view.

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