Contextualizing Trump. But who, really, IS this phenomenon?

I’ve pointed out that, from a vedic (eastern) astrology point of view, Trump — within a few days of the election! — shifted out of 12-year warlike Mars “dasha” into 16-year benevolent Jupiter “dasha.” Also, from the tropical (western) astrology point of view, his “progressed secondary chart” shows that his Sun has during these past few months, entered humble, service-oriented Virgo, after 30 years in grandiose, self-centered Leo.

Both these shifts may herald a transformation of his outrageous narcissistic personality into one which uses his outsized presence to work, hard, for the good of the whole from behind the scenes.

But of course I’m not counting on it. How could I? Or anyone? Who knows what’s really up this singular figure’s sleeve. More on that later.

The following historical essay references two of my then-heroes, during my 20s when I was raising two sons and studying philosophy, diplomat George Kennan and sociologist C. Wright Mills (The Power Elite). Both were wise men who predicted and warned against a significantly tamer version of where we find ourselves now. And so few of us realize it! This essay does an exceptional job of laying it all out there, in detail.

The Great American Perpetual War Machine

This next article situates where we are in current American history within the context of Carroll Quigley’s stepped approach of assessing the rise and fall of civilizations, including their institutions, which by definition are cultural forms that tend to both hold on to their position and status while tending to expand forever — until they don’t. (See netflix original series, Roman Empire: Reign of Blood, on beginnings of the Fall of Rome).  Trump’s playing with fire. But then he seems to love to play with fire.

President Trump versus The Pathocracy

And that includes, possibly, even taking on the CIA —

Can Trump take back the presidency from the CIA?

— thus inviting comparisons of “DJT with JFK.” And we all know what happened to JFK. Can DJT avoid the same fate?

Here’s CIA whistleblower Kiriakou’s scathing and informed view of his former employer.

I have come to the conclusion the country does not need a CIA

Trump is making noises about taking on the CIA, but then, is he really? Who knows. He seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth, to march to many different drums, to surround himself with both pro-war and anti-war advisors and cabinet. To engage in running, contradictory, foam-at-the-mouth tweets. As journalist John Pilger sputtered, when RT asked about his view of what will happen once Trump gets into the Oval Office, “I don’t know!” Over and over, to other questions, too, “I DON’T KNOW!!” The remark carried a hint of anguish. Pilger went on to say that it’s really incredible that we are all being held hostage to a fundamental uncertainty about both who Trump is, and what he plans. And, since, as some pundit (can’t remember which one) compared him to The Incredible Hulk, decimating his myriad opponents simply by staying ahead of and upping the ante for whatever they throw at him, it does no good to try to cut him down. He proved that during the campaign.

‘Utterly bizarre’: Trump seeks good relations with Russia but threatens China — John Pilger

Note above: I chose a photo of Trump that has him looking more bewildered and vulnerable than the usual master of the universe trope. I like to think that he’s as dumbfounded as everyone else by the exigencies of the extraordinary challenge that has landed in his lap. And I’d like to ask us all to remember that we are all beautiful souls, all, all of us! — hidden within these increasingly fractious personalities that we learned to layer on over time on this poor beleagered planet that suffers, at least as much as we do, from our seemingly abysmal ignorance of how to authentically and consistently care for our own selves, for each other, and for all of life.


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  1. I too believe that anyone has the potential for great good or great evil. So I guess we’ll see.

    The question that lingers in my mind is whether Trump is some sort of phenomenon or merely a great “set up”. Jimmy Carter was more of a phenomenon in my mind, a man that came seemingly out of nowhere. Trump has been front and if not center certainly not far off. Though I’ve never seen his TV work, from what I hear is what might give the illusion that he is a “leader’, when he merely is a boss. Perhaps that is why we see or hear of no clear vision.

    On the other hand one merely has to look at those he is appointing to cabinet level positions.. mostly insiders. He didn’t make his money in a vacuum, these folks are his colleagues, they hate unions and environmental protection.

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