Why haven’t we already blown up the world?

Yesterday afternoon I was in standing the atrium of Bloomington City Hall, congregating with other citizens for table presentations of what various city departments offer neighborhoods. I noticed our neighborhood representative on the city council, deep in conversation with a former neighbor. They were agreeing, with an attitude of  “Of course! This is what all thinking people, all right-minded people think!” that Trump is a menace. Quietly, I approached them, and mentioned that I preferred Trump to Hillary. This stopped their forward momentum. I then said, “Let’s not talk about this.” They agreed, in surprised relief. “Let’s talk about something local. I need to talk about something local.” The former neighbor moved on, the rep was all ears.

Before we moved on to local issues, however, he kept repeating how dangerous the nuclear situation is now, and how Trump, being so emotionally and mentally unstable, could easily kick off World War III. Well, of course, I can’t not agree with him. And not just because of Trump’s Eclipse Sun conjunct Uranus volatility.  The Doomsday Clock is ticking, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, as of January 2017, at three minutes to midnight, where it has been stuck since 2016.

But here’s what I really think. What I couldn’t say to him, as it would have implied another language of discourse altogether, one not recognized in City Hall. And that is this: for some reason, we are being protected — by whom? what? — from blowing up the world. Why? How? What’s going on? Let’s face it, there have been so many times in the past 60 years when we almost did blow up the world, and no doubt, hundreds of triggers lie in wait in every direction now. Even so, it appears that something, or someone has been preventing it!

Plus,  as an astrologer, I’m very aware of the current position of spiritual Neptune, transiting through its home sign of oceanic Pisces  from 2011 through 2025. It’s as if the entire globe is being bathed in a massive, invisible amniotic fluid, a thick, sweet atmosphere that softens, cushions, mutes the increasingly hard kicks of the baby that is trying to be born. Ever since unpredictable Uranus entered volatile Aries (2011-2018) to confront powerful Pluto in structural Capricorn (2008-2023), I have been intensely grateful for the near simultaneous entry of Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025). Excitable Uranus and death/rebirth Pluto wield a wrecking ball, relentlessly breaking down old, outmoded structures. But they are doing so within the energetic field of spiritual Neptune. at its most powerful now, in its home sign of Pisces. And that matters. That Neptune placement may just save us from the technology spawned from our worst instincts.

If that weren’t the case, do you really feel that we would have “made it” so far? Do you really feel that, given the more and more horrifically destructive nuclear and other weapons systems wielded by either mistakenly programmed machines or people who might be idiots or half-cocked, that we would not have destroyed ourselves already, had something or someone else not been constantly intervening?

I leave it to the reader to decide what that something or someone is. All I know is, that I can feel this intense amniotic fluid bathing the whole planet; I can feel this fluid nourishing our evolutionary spiral, despite our best efforts to both deny its existence and to blow up the world.

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Oh, and BTW: The two most elevated planets in the U.S. chart are Saturn and Neptune. The midpoint of Saturn and Neptune in the U.S. chart is 3° Neptune, closely conjunct the Midheaven (path). Saturn closely squares the Sun (discipline, hard work as the original nature of this nation); Neptune closely squares Mars (huge energy for both deception and imagination).

In sum: Reality (Saturn) versus Illusion (Neptune). Or better: how do we Americans open our unlimited imagination (Neptune) to create new structures (Saturn) that work (Saturn) for the good of all (Neptune)?


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