U.S. Chorus sings Russian National Anthem

Unfortunately, this came in on RT, so will be either ignored or dismissed as fake new by both the MSM media as well as that percentage of the American public still mind-controlled by MSM media to “hate” Russia and Putin. All I can say is finally, finally, some in this narcissistic exceptional nation are beginning to acknowledge Russia and the loss of their beloved choir in the plane that was perhaps downed (by whom?) on Christmas Day.

This event was held at the Tear Drop Memorial, an official gift from the Russian people in honor of 9/11 victims, which the USG chose to place obscurely across from Ground Zero in New Jersey, so that not even New Yorkers have heard of it.

New York’s Teardrop: John Craven tracks forgotten monument to 9/11 victims.




New York chorus sings Russian National Anthem to honor Alexandrov Ensemble


“It is at times like this that we are neither Russians or Americans, but we are human beings who feel loss, and genuinely wish peace and happiness to one another.”

“Footage from the event was watched by 400,000 viewers in Russia in just 24 hours, who were “grateful for a gesture from Americans,” chorus member Suzanne Klebe told the Hudson Reporter.”



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