Can we become the calm eye inside the hurricane?

The eye of Hurricane Rita, as seen from the International Space Station


I have posted commentary several times recently concerning the need to develop a double, or “witness consciousness,” in order to center oneself no matter what during these increasingly turbulent times. See for example, from just yesterday:

Are we headed into Technocracy, Inc.?

And see this, by Ram Dass: Cultivating the Witness Consciousness

Now, this morning, I “accidentally” (i.e., synchronistically) came across a channeled message from a site I have not accessed before that emphasizes this same practice as we head into the whirlwind — and goes further into why it is of such tremendous value.

About the Current State of American Politics


This Awareness observes a demonstration of the factions that run the country is coming to the surface. It is becoming increasingly obvious even to those outside the realms of conspiracy theorists that the structures of the Republican and Democratic Party are illusions. This Awareness acknowledges there are many entities that are coming forward and vying for positions of power and attempting to create sway among the populace through their use of media.

For this reason, this Awareness suggests viewing media with great discretion, for the entities of the population of this country have been conditioned to be highly volatile and easily manipulated, drawn into a fervor with great ease and then dismissed and placated equally as efficiently.

This Awareness suggests taking nothing for granted. There is very little truth that is being published or reported at this time. The fragments of truth can be picked out with great effort and great discernment. These factions are continuing to vie for positions of power and this will continue until that point of divisive action is taken.

This divisive action will come from a source that is beyond the Elite. It may not be noticeable within the media circles, may not be immediately noticeable to anyone on the planet, yet for those that are seeking to know when this shift or decision or action occurs there will be noted a very subtle, yet very unmistakable shift in the energy within mass consciousness.

This Awareness would give the analogy of a pageantry show, and each of these factions have presented its best players, its best models, and speakers to parade before the audience and before the judges, each vying for the Best of Show, for the most accumulated points and energetic rapture from the audience.

This Awareness suggests that if one can observe and witness oneself within the audience and detach oneself from the experience of interaction, of being at the whim and fancy of those upon the stage and the judges throwing their votes, to instead become the witness of the witness, witness of the spectator, witness of the show, witness of the judges, and witness of the auditorium, to step back and to step back, one will begin to observe the flow of energy as it flows, as each faction applies its tools and efforts to manipulate the judges, to manipulate the audience and to manipulate the energies in the room.

Then you as witness will be able to immediately observe this is occurring and then make a conscious decision to offer gratitude and love for the opportunity to see and feel this experience within the human platform.

This again creates a ripple effect that affects everyone within the room down to the atomic structures. The more that one owns one’s own personal domain instead of becoming a reactionary object, the more one can shift one’s vibration to one that is sovereign, yet deeply connected to all that is in existence.



I am reminded of an experience that I went through when an investment that I held with others went belly up. That was back (of course!) in 2008.  In one fell swoop. $250,000 worth, GONE! And what was my response? Well, after the shock wore off, this: I experienced the entire process — which included sitting in a very tense audience in Washington, D.C.  before a judge in an obviously rigged “arbitration” procedure for which I had shelled out another $50K in attorneys fees that did no good — as an extraordinary opportunity to experience what people in the “upper echelons” of society sometimes go through. Had I not received a legacy from my deceased husband, I would never have been in a position to go through this experience. It was, simply, stunning! But no more stunning than any other strong experience, all of which, at this point in my long long life, because I have been practicing self-awareness for so many decades, I move through as fascinating panoramas that I — the small part of me that lives inside this beloved body on this beloved Earth — is immensely privileged to “go through.” Unlike my co-investors, I felt intensely grateful to have been gifted with an opportunity to “lose” what was, and is, for me, a vast sum of “money.” 

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