Are we headed into Technocracy, Inc.?

As a child, I hated being made to put on the look-alike dresses our mother designed and sewed for her six girls. Though I didn’t know it then, my instinct to not conform to rules was already alive and kicking.

In graduate school, I studied the way the mind works. And came to the conclusion that unless we include the depths of the unconscious mind, our thinking process IS or can be molded to be machine-like, “logical,” according to rules. That scared me. It meant my other question, can machines learn how to think? Can machines gain self-awareness“ might be answered in the affirmative. It meant that the distinction between human and machine would increasingly blur. That scared me even more.

Now we call this phenomenon “transhumanism,” and are being entrained to celebrate it. Oh boy! I can be chipped! I can have memories inserted into my brain! I can be bio-engineered into somebody smarter, stronger! I can become a “super soldier,” a genius! I can live forever!

Something powerful in me made me balk at the direction our technology seemed to be leading us, even then, back in the ’60s. My intense, near obsessive readings in C.G. Jung and R.D. Laing, my own vivid and unpredictable dream life, constant, uncanny synchronicities, visionary experiences I enjoyed/endured with and without LSD and other psychedelics — all pointed to a mysterious vastness that cannot be mapped, simulated, pointed to, itemized, captured, digitized, controlled, put to work in one direction rather than another.

And yet, and yet. As the philosopher Gurdjieff pointed out, most people are machines. Humans are conditioned from an early age to behave in a predictable manner, unconsciously reacting to events, rather than consciously responding. Again, according to Gurdjieff, only by dedicating oneself to the practice of self-remembering — only by becoming aware of awareness itself — can we in turn build a “magnetic center” capable of making authentic choices.

I found Gurdjieff when I was 26 years old, and began to practice self-remembering, by stopping whatever I was doing, many times a day, to notice: “I AM HERE.”  At first, that calm, detached inner witness popped in and out; as the decades rolled on, this doubled consciousness became more and more my way of being in the world. I am both actor and witness, both one who responds, and one who watches myself doing it. Consciously, with full intent and responsibility.

Another way of talking about this is to say that it’s up to each of us to “eat our own shadow.” I.e., become aware (through the internal witness) of hidden unconscious contents that periodically surface and get projected into patterns of our behavior with others in the external world. By recognizing how a current pattern mirrors an old pattern (usually from childhood), we begin to clear it from our repertoire of behaviors. In short, by eating our own shadow we free ourselves up to be fully ourselves and follow our own unique nature.

If we don’t learn how to eat our own shadows as individuals, if we don’t learn to develop a witness consciousness, then we are automatically subject to the vagaries of the mass mind as promoted through advertising, media, schooling, and so on — and can be easily triggered into crazed behavior of all kinds, including mob rule.

Here’s one recent post in which I address the subject, which, as the title suggests, I consider of paramount importance as we head into yet another prolonged, hair-trigger, crazed nuclear standoff.

Can We Learn to Live without Violence?

Meanwhile, most people don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about here, not to mention its crucial importance — especially now, and in the coming years. For we are entering an era when scientific, left-brain, rule-bound, centralized, engineered, control technocracy is going to be promoted as that which can save us from our unpredictably fractious selves, as in: technocracy will overturn the messiness of the old, so-called, democracy, which, we must all agree at this point, has indeed outlived its usefulness.

Not that technocracy is the answer, but that we do need to recognize the current chaos as indicative of an enormous sea-change in human affairs. Either we are going to continue to unthinkingly allow ourselves to be subtly and increasingly funnelled into a centralized control grid, our every cell surveilled, our every movement monitored and steered in one direction rather than another, or: we are going to decentralize — return to the land, plant our feet in specific localities on Mother Earth, and learn from her how to live as one species among many others, each individual following our own unique nature, in concert with all others, harmoniously pulling together for the whole.

Permaculturists and others who pay attention to the superior ways of Mother Earth, know that besides being our mother, she is our teacher. And that this mother/teacher, by assuring that all beings, all species work together in harmony with the whole — that “all waste (from one species) is food (for another),” that “the edges (where ecosystems meet, where species meet) are where the action is” — naturally creates abundance! — except when we fuck with her. And when we fuck with her we end up with scarcity, like now. Globalists and technocrats assume scarcity; they need scarcity in order to prove how “rational” they are in making decisions as to just who gets what, why, how, where, and when.

Mark my words. Now that democracy has been thrown into chaos with the 2016 election, we are going to be hearing more and more about the technocracy the globalists have planned for us. Only if we remain unaware of this plan, can we be seduced to follow it.

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“I point out to you, Marcus Claire Luyseyal, a lesson from past over-machined societies which you appear not to have learned. The devices themselves condition the users to employ each other the way they employ machines.”
Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune


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5 Responses to Are we headed into Technocracy, Inc.?

  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Good warning.

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    This article builds on a different definition of “technocracy” – governance by people who know how to do things.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, except that it still assumes we can construct a “map” of reality that is increasingly accurate, and thus subject everybody to the controls that come with identifying any particular node on the map. Still left-brain dominated with no room for mystery.

      • Joy Shayne Laughter says:

        What do you think of the author’s suggestion that America be governed by 100 governors – 2 per state, one in DC and one at home, and they rotate – instead of a Congress? Thus working more on interconnected practical effort rather than scattered attempts to get re-elected?

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