Will 2017 be remembered as the year when humans began to “bridge the divides”?

As the once almighty U.S. Empire continues to implode, to be superceded by The hated Other —

End of the U.S. Empire: Russian Warships Just Arrived in the Phillipines

amid, of course, the usual, increasingly desperate strutting —

Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s “Operation Resolve” against Russia: sends 3600 tanks against Russia, massive NATO deployment underway

it really does appear that Obama, by suddenly banishing 35 Russian diplomats and closing two Russian compounds, has devolved into a petulant child. And then, when Putin responded, not in kind, but with his usual mastery, inviting the children of U.S. diplomats in Russia to attend the Kremlin’s Christmas party, well, that really did make me laugh out loud.

I’m reminded of when my granddaughter Kiera used to “act out” as a small child, with screaming fits. We would put her in her room until the tantrum was over. Invariably, afterwards, she was abashed, even embarrassed. She didn’t like her fits either. She just had so much fiery energy, and no experience in learning how to focus it.

The U.S. astrological chart, with its Sagittarian Ascendent and Mars/Uranus on the Descendant, also carries an enormous amount of fiery energy. As does chart of incoming President Trump with his Sagittarian Sun conjunct Uranus, his Mars on his Leo Ascendant. Let’s hope he, and we, know how to focus that extreme fiery energy for, not just destruction, but authentic transformation.

Meanwhile, what might we do with Obama to stop him from committing more absurdities during these final countdown days until the inauguration of the next president and, no doubt, enormous new dramas. What kind of dramas? We have no idea! That’s the beauty, and the terror of it. It puts us all on edge. Where we should be. As in permaculture: “The edges are where the action is.”

Meanwhile, amidst all the screaming, fear porn headlines, oh yeah, and don’t forget the latest Manchurian Candidate psy-op false flag shooting in Florida —

Feds: Airport shooting suspect complained of mind control

we see that, amazingly enough, Congress just yesterday ratified the 2016 electoral results with barely a whisper of acknowledgement in the MSM press (a revolt here was supposed to deal the final death blow to Trump’s presidency).

“Is there one senator who will join me?” yelled a California congresswomen. Not a single one replied.

And now, I cannot help but notice the remarkable timing of a post about an extraordinary bridge. We humans are incredible as engineers — designing and constructing bridges to span enormous, heart-stopping gaps — so, I ask:  What’s stopping us from turning that remarkable talent of ours from engineering bridges in the material world to bridging the divides that separate us socially, culturally, spiritually?

As we enter 2017, I pray that we begin to ponder that question. Clearly, it’s either that or the hell of oblivion.

There is utterly nothing stopping us but our stubbornness, our pride and our greed, our need to be right, to be the first or the only, to hold onto old wounds. In order to bridge a gap, there must be forgiveness, the unleashing of the imagination, and the turning of the will — from destruction to construction, competition to communication. Cooperation!  Connection! That’s the point. Bridge the divides.

World’s Highest Bridge Opens for Traffic in Remote China




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