Post-Truth Epistemology 101, yet again: Paul Craig Roberts, Jon Rappoport, and Killswitch

The Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post, which first revved up the meme “fake news” with its fake list of 200 alternative websites that are allegedly pro-Russia, titled its report on yesterday’s Congressional Hearing this way:

Six big takeaways from the extraordinary congressional hearing on Russian hacking

Notice the title doesn’t say alleged Russian hacking. The title ASSUMES Russian hacking. And for those who only read headlines, it got the job done.

Former Washington insider Paul Craig Roberts knows how the post-truth game works:

The Coup Against Truth

Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoport details the various ways the post-truth game grabs our attention and twists it —

Ten Basic Forms of Fake News Used by Media

— and he gives us an extended discussion of the Devious Limited Hangout, that fake news form that is easy to miss. Heads’ up, folks! Grok it!

Mainstream Fake News: The Devious Limited Hangout

Oh, and about Jeff Bezos ( also Amazon CEO): did you know that big government prefers monopolies? Check out the film, “Killswitch,” remarks by professor Timothy Lu: “Governments tend to like information monopolies, because it increases their power.”



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