As Obama fades out, do we Go Nuclear?

It may be that humanity’s obsession with nuclear energy is our way of making sure that, sooner or later, we realize that in order to truly learn how to fully live, we must wake up, inside each and every moment, to the certainty of our impending death.

Brother Steindel-Rast: Learning to Die

Meanwhile, I don’t know when you first noticed the phrase “go nuclear,” but it’s been in the vernacular for a few years now.

I often marvel at how, at a very early age, my mind was focused, not on what was near at hand, but on “the whole world.” As a six year old, every day I would run outside to get the the newspaper, and scan the headlines for news. Would the world end that day? No. Okay, then I can pretend I’m a child for one more day, go outside and play. But then, inevitably, a big plane would pass overhead. I would freeze. Was it a bomber? Was this the big one?

My paranoia was continuous and overwhelming. It started when I was 2 years and eight months old while listening, with my mother and grandparents, to the radio announcement of Hiroshima. The adults were overjoyed. (It meant that Dad would come home.) I was horrified. (It meant that the world would end in my lifetime.)

(There was a brief moment of yearning in early adulthood, when the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy ignited a beacon of hope in the prevailing gloom. Until, that is, November 22, 1963.)

No, the paranoia started when I was born, with my father due to go to the Phillipines as a flight surgeon nine months later.

The day Dad left, September 1943.

No, it started when I was in the womb, participating in my mother’s fear of what was coming.

No, it started before I, as a soul, chose to come into this planet, at this climactic time in his-story, when at any moment, we might blow ourselves up, something which has been true ever since 1945, the danger ramping up again, now. In retaliation for still unproven claims of Russian hacking of U.S. elections, Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats. What?!?

Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats, in retaliation for election hacking

In return, Putin takes the high road, declining a tit-for-tat response.

Vladimir Putin Won’t Expel U.S. Diplomats as Russian Foreign Minister Urged

I cannot help but feel this is Obama’s bruised ego lashing out at the man who, by all accounts, is clearly much better at playing the game of geopolitics. And I cannot help but be astonished, once again, at how a bruised ego at the “top of the chain of command” can hold the entire world hostage.

With NATO forces and missiles breathing down on Russia’s western borders, all a result of allegedly breaking a promise not to move one inch closer, it’s astonishing how Putin continues to finesse the extremely provocative, idiotic moves of “our” fading Empire in its desperate cries for war war war. How much of this diplomatic break-off news is distraction from other horrors, like the world-wide pedogate (and associated Satanic ritual/murder/child trafficking networks) unearthed (yet again) via the hacked Podesta emails?

PEDOGATE: A special report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia scandal

In any case, I’ve often wondered why we haven’t blown ourselves up already, by accident. I used to think “divine intervention” accounted for our still being here. Now I ascribe our survival (so far) to extradimensional and exterrestrial species, who have reportedly been closely monitoring and even defusing nuclear missiles at U.S. facilities for decades.

UFOs and Nukes

I’ve said all this before. I’ve also told the story of how I let go of my paranoia, in Egypt, via an uncanny encounter with the war goddess Sekhmet.


Meanwhile, I’m glad to see an important new essay from the New Yorker, which, BTW, published Jonathan Schell’s Fate of the Earth way back in 1981. That essay helped inspire the Nuclear Freeze movement, which began as a rally on June 12, 1982 in New York City’s Central Park with reportedly one million people.

Will this essay inspire a similar, but more potent and lasting response from the American public? Or are we just too jaded, distracted, numb, sick, exhausted, brain-dead, from 9/11 and collective PTSD paralysis resulting from that inside job’s installation of both the draconian Patriot Act and the endless War on Terror that keeps weapons companies and banksters rolling in dough, kills, maims and disables millions of innocents, and destroys our home planet Earth.




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