Green Acres Village: Long awaited announcement!

Early this morning, I looked outside my living room window, to see the Sun lighting up the arch of the garden gate. Hard to see in this photo (it’s positioned in almost the very center), but imagine it, please! That I would notice this illumination at this moment felt like a blessing of our efforts on this day of the New Moon in Capricorn.

We had succeeded in getting through yesterday, and the close of the old moon, which paralleled another kind of closing . . .


At 10:13 AM yesterday morning, I began signing the documents to purchase the house that abuts the two houses I already own for our Green Acres Village pod. Thus do we finally bring into form a dream, a visualization (Mars conjunct Neptune, sextile Mercury/Sun/Moon in above chart), a strong intention that was set three years ago.

First there was my house, on Overhill Drive, back in 2003. Then, seven years later, the first DeKist house, right next door to the Overhill house. For the last seven years, while evolving as a community, we have been gradually working to unify and permaculture the grounds of the two houses, as well create a well-worn path between them. And now, seven years later again, this new DeKist house joins the first two, allowing us to continue to weave the paths between and among the three properties into unity —  the grounds, the houses, and the people who live here.

In order to purchase this third house, I had to selling my holdings in another property in another state. The sale of this property had been ongoing for two years, fell through at the last minute almost exactly one year ago (long story), and fortunately, did manage to close with another buyer, finally, on December 2, of this year.

Since last year, while continuing to visualize the third house as ours, and the sale of my other property to make it possible, we have been permaculturing a portion of the front lawn there, and restoring the chicken house in the back. Then owner Laura was more than willing to work with us on allowing this use of her property. She was also willing to sell it to us, as soon as my other property sold. If it sold! Hallelujah!

The very next day, December 3, I got together with Laura and we began to hammer out a deal, with full transparency, fairness, and good will on both sides, aided by a real estate agent whom I trust as consultant in the closing process. Then came the nail-biting ordeal of moving the sale through before the end of the year, since I will take a big tax hit with the sale of the other property and will need as many tax deductions as possible.

Though that took a bit of finagling, we managed to do it, closing on the day we had chosen, December 28. However, due to a sudden, unexpected glitch, it took fully five hours to complete the process (another long story, in fact, extremely long story!), and, might not have, had the stars not lined up!

The long-running Jupiter in Libra opposite to Uranus/Eris in Aries popped its surprising, shocking head up on the very morning of the scheduled closing. Luckily, diplomacy ruled the day (Jupiter), despite a sudden, unexpected glitch (Uranus/Eris) that threatened to torpedo the sale.

Pins and needles, for sure. In fact, yesterday’s drama left me utterly spent, exhausted. It felt as if I had been faced with an incredible multileveled dilemma that required all the dimensions within which I am able to dwell to fire on all cylinders, simultaneously. Luckily, I — and we — passed the “test.”

We had planned to do a clearing of this new house yesterday evening and possible visioning for it, but after that daylong saga, just the clearing, by burning sage and frankinsense throughout the house, felt like an ordeal to this 74-year-old who had just been through the wringer! Ari, Brie and Rebecca and I did sit for awhile afterwards in the capacious living room, and Brie mentioned that she could see musicians living there.

As a matter of fact, there used to be a piano in that living room, and the last occupant had had his drums set up there, as well. So the template for musical events — is already in place.

In the chart for the closing, notice also that the Moon has just moved into the very first minute of the very first degree of Capricorn, “closing in” on the Sun at 7° Capricorn, conjunct Mercury (which is moving retrograde). Signifying a very old Moon, the finale of a long process . . .

7° Capricorn happens to be the very degree occupied by my own natal Mercury! Plus, notice that the midpoint of transit Saturn, at 20° Sagittarius the Moon at 0° Capricorn is 25° Sagittarius, conjunct my natal Sun. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, provided the discipline (Saturn) needed to remain fully present despite the rolling emotionality (Moon) of the fraught closing process. Plus, transit Saturn happens to be exactly conjunct the Ascendant of my own natal chart.

Two months ago, I had noticed that Saturn would cross my Ascendant at the very end of the year, and wondered if this would be the time when the new house would finally materialize. In fact, I chose to go to my son Sean’s house in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving, rather than for Christmas, given this hoped for eventuality. Turns out, I was right.

What follows are photos taken today of the new house and property. First, a shot of Brie and Rebecca, already hard at work pulling vines from the front yard.

Next, they are going to spread cardboard and manure on the yard, sheet mulching it for planting in the spring.

Here are some back yard shots, and towards the house, and the chicken coop. Clearly, these are all “before” shots.

Inside, the house is busy being repaired. Clearly, it will be awhile before anyone will live here.

Finally, a shot of the future work space and pottery studio, as seen through a dirty window, darkly.

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  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Congratulations on this most auspicious 7-year cycle! I’ve also been going through a double 7-year cycle this December. Something’s up … and out … and yay! Anyway, I have a really good feeling about this expansion for you. Happy New Year to all down your way, and please give your friend coming to Goshen our contact info.

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