Will the electors throw Trump to the winds on December 19th — the day Mercury turns to go retrograde?

Lada Ray doesn’t think it’s likely. Listen to her very interesting, provocative, and somewhat troubling multidimensional “addendum” to “Earth Shift 16.”

TRUMP vs. CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on December 19th?

However, though Lada Ray doesn’t think the rogue electors will manage to overturn the election, she does have trouble clairvoyantly seeing Donald Trump inside the actual White House! (This triggers us old ones with PTSD from the Kennedy assasination to ask if that’s what it portends. However might it instead mean Trump will “run the planet from “on high,” atop the Trump Tower in New York?)

I too wonder about the outcome on December 19, since that is the very day Mercury turns to go retrograde (it does this three times a year for three weeks each time). Planetary “stations” (when a planet turns, to go either direct or retrograde) are very intense times for the planet involved, in this case, Mercury: communication and transportation. Also, please note that Mercury’s turning point is 15° Capricorn, within only one degree of where powerful, primal, death/rebirth Pluto sits, at 16° Capricorn, in a long-running, frictional T-cross with both Jupiter and Uranus! Is some kind of massive (Jupiter) upheaval (Uranus), from the bottom up (Pluto), due to some kind of (real or fake) “news,” (Mercury) in the works for that very day?

Mercury will travel backwards through Capricorn and then dip into late Sagittarius, until January 8, 2017 (two days after Congress is scheduled to certify the election) when it will turn and go direct at 28° Sagittarius, within one degree of the Galactic Center! What kind of cosmic(?) communication might that signify?

Mercury will then travel forwards through the degrees that it covered while going retrograde, for another few weeks, not fully making out of the Rx penumbra until January 28 (after the scheduled January 20th inauguration). Concerning this election, are we to be subjected to a confusing, shaky, upsetting, unpredictable period until the end of January 2017?

And, if Lada Ray is right, and Trump actually does manage to secure the election, expect massive anti-Trumpism to continue, and even ramp up.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, rumor has it that every square inch of the White House is bugged…if only even partially true, , who in their right mind would wish to subject himself (or herself) and family to such an environment?

    Further, we as a nation are to rest easily now that a stalwart of media, ‘Facebook’ will be using ‘Snopes’ to vet the nation’s news. (It is tempting to ponder whether or not the world could possibly become more unreal.)

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