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In a recent post I said that “satire collapsed with the rise of Trump.” Well, it turns out, satire is not dead, but some is better than others. For example, this puerile attempt at satire from infowars betrays the usual American point of view that “Russia” and “Putin” are monsters under the bed.

Monsterization reminds me of something I read in a book about the infamous anarchist Emma Goldman, back in 1973, when I had just been fired as “too experimental” from an experimental California College. So who else to gravitate to but “Red Emma?” At one point, as I recall, she was so reviled that there was no country on earth that would allow her entrance. She was stranded, literally, at sea! Parents, reportedly, who wanted to scare their children, would say, “Hurry up, get to bed, or Red Emma will get you!

Is this really true? Or do I just remember it that way. In any case, I do recall being an object of scorn myself, on not one, but several occasions — and for extended periods of time. So I can relate to what Putin — or for that matter, Donald Trump! — must feel in today’s nasty, polarizing, pontificating, political climate.

Better satire, from Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis. Had me in stitches. Pokes fun at those doing the monsterizing.

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  1. Ann Dear,

    at the Risk of injecting too much Nuance into the Tin Foil Hat Blog-o-Sphere Thought Process here, i would remind you that, in the Reel Whirled, Stuff can be both True and Not True at the same time.

    and just because The Pathetic, Odious Hillerator and her Handlers are quite desperately casting around for *any* excuse to explain away their Colossal Fail which might save Neo-Liberal Dimmoecanism from itself –as is the whole of the Main Flush Media, lest they loose all vestiges of “credibility”– that don’t mean that Mr. Putin should be seen as some sort of Victim, much less a Nice Guy.

    fact is: he ain’t.

    he may not be Stalin but, his KGB background (just “ancient history”) and his more recent murderous domestic shenanigans aside, his role in saving Mr. Assad from a much-deserved prison cell in The Hague more than qualifies him to be “a butcher, a murderer and a thug” (and there’s not much which “war hero” McCain says which i can confidently endorse, but i am happy to Sign On to that understated characterization).

    convenient though it may be to The Hillerator’s True Believers, the case for Ruskies’ hacking –of both the Dimmoecan *and* Repuglickum campaigns’ emails– is pretty substantial; and, without doubt, their demonstrably *selective* leaking of those from the Dimmoe camp *only* is, shall we say, “problematic” in the extreme (for non-Nuancers).

    that doesn’t make the Pathetic & Ludicrous attempt by the Neo-Libs to blame Putin and his Minions for The Hillerator’s well-deserved and Humiliating Loss “True” –just that the two issues can be (and should be) seen as separate.

    but, hey, whatthahell do i know?

    i sent my tin-foil hat out to be blocked last week and haven’t gotten it back yet.

    so i’m just Stuck with Elementary Nuanceing.


  2. CindyW says:

    funny spoof. For a little more serious satire, Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who claims he knows who the DNC hacker was (not Guccifer 2.0), wrote a post on his site called “The Russian Bear Uses Keyboards.” And on a related serious note, the MSM are all repeating the meme that alternative news is “fake news,” trying to silence any dissent online (the Washington Post’s story re “Russian propaganda” outlets). All has to go through “approved sources” (which some have sarcastically called “the Ministry of Truth”) – the NYT, WaPo, NPR, etc. You know, all the ones who were totally on board with the “weapons of mass destruction” in 2003 …

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