Trump’s Full Moon: Possible Implications

Yesterday, around 5:20 p.m., I was driving home from downtown when I noticed an enormous full moon low in the eastern sky. Yes, I recognized, that would be the final Super Full Moon (of three) in 2016. 

When I got home I checked the ephemeris. This Moon will be exactly full at 7:06 p.m. EST, December 13. Hmmmm. . . the degree this full moon was to be on, 22+° Gemini/Sagittarius, looked familiar. So I went back for another look at Trump’s chart, and yes, that does happen to be the exact degree span of Trump’s natal Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini. Which prompted me to put up last night’s pithy, deeply uniformative post comparing the two charts.

Okay, so now, what does it mean?

The opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius signifies the span between facts and values, between dots and what connects them, between bits and pieces and the whole cloth of which they might be woven. A person born during a full moon in Gemini/Sagittarius would be fascinated with the process of continuous learning, insatiable, even. Either to absorb his discoveries within himself and/or to continually reflect them to the outer world. In Trump’s case, I would say it’s both, and that in essence, he operates as a sort of intuitive (Sagittarius) conduit from the collective unconscious, spewing facts (or better, factoids) (Gemini) out without thinking, from all sorts of sources, and drawing all sorts of (changing) conclusions (Sagittarius) as he goes. 

And, when you have not only this Full Moon signature, you also have unpredictable Uranus within three degrees of the Sun, well then, WILD CARD, anything goes. Literally, not even he might know what will flow through his mind and out his mouth next.

Okay, let’s now couple this Gemini/Sagittarius span with the recognition that his courageous Mars happens to be just behind and King Regulus just on the karmic 29° Leo Ascendant of his chart. The man is not just a nozzle for whatever is brewing within the collective unconscious. Trump RULES. He cannot help but rule whatever domain he expands within and upon It’s in his nature to do so.

So, then my question becomes: What part of him is going to rule as president (assuming he makes it through this next tumultuous month without being assasinated)? His narcissistic egocentric personality (as shown by his chart), or his deep and old soul (which decided, pre-birth, to be born under that extraordinary configuration of planets). I doubt he knows. He may not even know the difference between ego and essence. Few do. But those of us who do, let us direct our attention to his soul, and let us ask that it come forward during this perilous time on planet Earth. Because it’s surely true that aside from Putin himself, no one currently on the world stage has demonstrated the cojones needed to possibly wrench the Titanic of this civilization from its ruinous course towards oblivion.

Trump (personality AND soul) wants to be — is destined to be? — Trump the Great, as president. Of course! Nothing less will do. But first, he has to get actually installed as president.

Okay. So now back to this full moon, which draws our attention to how “facts” are spun into “theories.” In this case, I venture to say, what’s at issue are theories that are spinning around the world now, about the Russians hacking the election (CIA) and how wait a minute, no they’re not (FBI). 

I suggest that this hyped? real? dispute (which, for those Sagittarians like me who do like to connect dots) is likely entangled with (and a distraction from) not just the election and electors, but the Podesta emails, pizzagate, pedophilia, satanism, child sacrifice, etc. etc. — all the deep ghastly gunk that’s risen to the surface since the final dramatic tumultuous months of this election season. 

And I’d suggest that this final Full Moon of 2016 is here to illuminate the extraordinary mess that we are in, especially how any set of so-called facts can be skewed to fall under any made-up theory! (This is always “true,” but seldom realized. And once we do realize it, even science, that great hoary religion of today, gets debunked. We are left hanging, or rather centering, within an infinitely vast cosmos which, if we but attune in, both fills and fuels Love.) 

So, what’s next?

It does appear that we are in the middle of what is being called an attempted “electoral coup,” which, if it succeeds, will trigger chaos beyond present imagining. Meanwhile, Trump, the center of the storm who may be the one man who can actually marshall whatever he needs within his vast being to not only remain standing but to execute some kind of lightning-like maneuver which changes everything, of course, needs to watch his back.

BTW: If his soul is in charge, then I assume he has divine protection.

A number of articles are currently running around about this possibile coup. Here’s an especially pithy one.

WARNING: An Electoral Coup Is Underway

December 12, 2016

by John Robb





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5 Responses to Trump’s Full Moon: Possible Implications

  1. alex simack says:

    Hi Ann, What do you make of America’s north node at 7 Leo falling, iirc, into Trump’s 12th House?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’d rather pay attention to the U.S. North Node its position 3° from conjunction with Trump’s Pluto. A Pluto position he shares with millions who were born near his age. No big deal, especially since neither the U.S. north node nor Tump’s Pluto make major aspects in their respective charts.

  2. zoidion says:

    Another crucial piece of the puzzle: transit Mars opposing natal Mars. To me, this signifies feeling challenged on a very personal level, being drawn into battle / war, experiencing the greatest rage ever, responding in haste. A most dangerous moment: confirmed by Full Moon / Mars connections with USA 4 July 1776 Mars / Moon.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Oh wow, you are absolutely right! — both with transit Mars position (problematic until the 19th, just when the electors meet!), and and Moon and Mars positions in U.S.A. natal. Which, to me, makes it even more likely that Trump channels the collective unconscious, both its feelings (Moon) and its rage (Mars). Thanks for this addendum, which really, should be front and center. I do wonder about him responding in haste, however. Of course this is what we expect of him. But then, since you also know astrology, take a look at his sidereal chart (which to me, has more to do with his destiny, collective effect), where the fiery/airy impulsiveness slows to Taurus/Scorpio.

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    You might find this writer interesting, Ann:

    Sarah Kendzior lives in St. Louis and did her PhD study and dissertation on how authoritarian kleptocracies arise.

    “Furthermore, local ties are a strong deterrent against any idea of a “post-truth” world. It may be hard to trust what you see elsewhere, but you know what you see with your own eyes, and your neighbors do too. You might not agree on the relevance of what you see, you might debate ideas, but you are working within the same basic reality. That’s why I think building up local media and civic organizations is a good step toward eliminating this idea that trust and truth are lost.”

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